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Introduction to The Process of Custom Metal Fabrication for Indian Customers

Author: Priya Chaudhary
by Priya Chaudhary
Posted: Jan 17, 2019
metal fabrication

In every industry and household, metal plays an important role. Starting from the gate of your home to various furniture and safety purposes, metal is necessary. In today’s world, most enterprises use furniture made with metals such as chairs, tables, staircases, utensils and many more. To make all these things, there are different types of metal fabrication processes available.

Amongst all the metal fabrication processes, custom metal fabrication is very popular. The custom Fabrication process is globally adopted by most industries and organizations. If we talk about the Indian market, most Indian customers are completely unaware of the Custom Metal Fabrication process. If you are eager to know about this process, then here we have prepared a detailed tutorial to introduce custom metal fabrication process to you.

What is Custom Metal Fabrication?

Custom Metal Fabrication is the latest and most popular way of fabricating the metals. Custom Metal Fabrication uses sheet metal components to give the desired shape. The process is acquired by almost all the sheet metal industries as it uses advanced tools and machines to simplify the metal fabrication process.

Custom Metal Fabrication process includes many tasks of the fabricator and does almost all the tasks automatically. Of course, the process itself is costlier than the manual ones; however, it provides 100% accuracy in designing metal parts and other metal-related equipment.

Custom Metal Fabrication Process:

As mentioned above, the custom metal fabrication process includes all the fabrication tasks and do them perfectly for the fabricator or operate who is operating the machines. It requires a one-time setup. Once you set the machine and put the metal sheet, the machine will itself do its task and give you the perfect shape on the metal sheet. Let’s check out how it is done!


Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication process is highly used for cutting numerous types of sheet metals. In this process, the sheet of metals is split into different sizes. This process requires high accuracy and the Custom Fabrication process does it perfectly. In many applications, a fabricator uses pre-shape metals in this process to simplify the task.


Folding is also one of the most crucial tasks in sheet metal fabrication. There comes a time when a fabricator has to fold the sheet metal at a certain angle. With custom sheet metal fabrication, the folding process will become easier. With a digital display, a fabricator can set up the folding angle, and the machine will fold the sheet itself.


Welding of the sheet metal parts is essential while manufacturing different types of parts and objects through sheet metals. The process involves joining of two different sheet metal parts, and this process welds different metal parts perfectly. Metalworkers do this task with a variety of ways; however, with the use of latest tools, this process can be done easily by the metalworker without any extra man-force.


When you require to put long cuts on the sheet metal, this can be achieved by the process called Shearing. This process can be done manually or using special cutting machines by placing the sheet metal on the horizontal position. With the sharp cutting tool, this can be done by a metalworker by placing the sheet on the vertical position. This process is used to trim down edges of metal parts.


To utilize the sheet metal parts and give them the desired shape, the stamping process is required. In some cases, a fabricator needs to raise a certain portion of the metal part, this is the time when stamping is required. A fabricator can use a variety of tools for stamping on the sheet metal parts. You may have noticed letters, logos etc. on the coins and other metal objects. This can be done by the stamping process.


Punching is a different way of stamping on the sheet metal. When you need to put a hole in the sheet metal object or part, this can be done by the punching process. In this process, a fabricator uses different types of the die where a metal part puts in. It requires additional force on the object to give a desired hole or shape. Depending on the type of objects, this process requires special tools and dies.

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