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Deneen Barriere - Reasons to Study Psychology

Author: Deneen Barriere
by Deneen Barriere
Posted: Apr 15, 2016
deneen barriere

For some professionals, like Deneen Barriere, studying psychology is a given. The benefits seem obvious and they view a degree in psychology as a logical progression of their academic and professional pursuits. For example, Deneen Barriere’s second degree – following her Associates of Arts degree in Education – was a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Psychology. She has since earned a third degree and is working on her fourth.

If you’re on the fence about studying psychology, and it doesn’t feel quite as clear as it does for other professionals, consider points like those listed below. These are just some of the many common reasons to study psychology, as they exemplify how such a degree can benefit not just your career, but your personal life as well.

Know Yourself

Learning more about mental development, how personalities form and how societal influences change behavior can allow you to know yourself more deeply. It gives you the skills needed to objectively consider your life and how certain situations might have influenced your personality. When you know yourself well, you can choose the best career paths, long-term goals and educational options for your mental health.

Know Your Peers

When you understand how psychology impacts people’s actions and words, it allows you to be more understanding of your peers. This can make it easier to befriend your coworkers and to understand why those around you act as they do. In a difficult situation, knowing your peers better can help you act in a more professional and mature way to influence the outcome, too.

Improve Your Research

Having an understanding of psychology research tactics can help you better investigate and learn about other topics. Whether you’re researching a pop culture event in search of the truth or you’re looking into an important issue for your employer, a background in psychology will help you find truth in the sea of questionable information.

Improve Critical Thinking

Studying psychology will help you understand problem-solving and decision-making, which will improve your critical thinking skills. This can help you think differently about issues that arise and think about topics in your life and career in a scientific and logical manner.

For those who still aren’t sure, consider reaching out to a professional like Deneen Barriere in your area. Someone who has already obtained and used their degree in psychology will be able to give you an objective view that could help you decide if it’s the right path for your future.

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  • About the Author

    Deneen Barriere is an experienced professional who presently works with ServiceSource in Miami, Florida, as a counselor team leader and vocational rehabilitation supervisor.

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Author: Deneen Barriere

Deneen Barriere

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