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Baby Carriers Or Baby Slings As Your Baby Wearing Options

Author: Larry Feign
by Larry Feign
Posted: Apr 15, 2016

Travelling with your little baby may seem to be an overwhelming task for a new mom. It is not always about attending to your baby’s needs that may put you off with the travelling part but the fact that you may have to hold your baby all the time in your hands that may make it seem too difficult. Of course, you have the baby strollers but they aren’t always the right option.

Why Strollers Are Not Always Great?

Just like their name suggests, strollers are good for a stroll down the park. They are also quite bulky for a newborn even though you can get them in several types and sizes. If you are heading for some shopping or want to go trekking, these strollers are far from appropriate.

There can also be times when a baby wants to be close to his/her mother. The new place and the new people around may overwhelm them and make them crankier if they are away from you in the stroller. In all reality, a little baby is most comfortable when they are cuddled up close to the mum. This is perhaps the reason why baby wearing has become immensely popular.

Baby Wearing – What Is It About?

Baby wearing is the term used to describe the act of carrying your baby along with you in your arms by using a baby carrier or a baby sling, which you can easily find at any Hong Kong online baby shop, to literally wear them across your body. For little babies, baby wearing is quite the perfect choice. It has been found by various studies that babies who are carried often cry less and have lower chances of developing colic. These babies even breastfeed better and go on to have a better bonding with their moms.

Baby wearing is quite advantageous to you too because when you do that, you won’t have to keep your hands busy or suffer from backache or shoulder ache because of carrying your baby for long hours. Baby wearing is possible with baby carriers and baby slings. Both these options have their own pros and cons as well as safety measures that you have to follow. Based on your comfort and your baby’s preference, you may choose the most appropriate baby wearing option for you.

Baby Carriers Vs. Baby Slings

A baby carrier is often usable till about 9 months or till your baby can sit up. However, there are also baby carriers available for toddlers. Baby carriers consist of two shoulder straps and are best when it comes to dividing weight evenly on your body.

?Baby slings are made from a large piece of fabric that allows you to carry your baby by wearing them across your torso. They are supported by a single shoulder strap and may make carrying a heavier baby slightly cumbersome.

?Baby carriers come with a padded headrest that keeps your baby cosy and safe. Baby slings come in beautiful patterns and designs and though they are comfortable for your baby, they don’t usually have a safety harness.

?Baby slings are ideal for mothers who breastfeed as they provide an option for discrete breastfeeding.

Baby slings and baby carriers are both commonly available at online baby shops. Do your research well and check with your friends to understand which Hong Kong online baby shop is best suited for you.

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