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Natural link building is the way to go to increase Google ranks

Author: Mark Rothmann
by Mark Rothmann
Posted: Apr 16, 2016

Matt Cutts made a very valid statement related to link building when he said that website owners shouldn’t put in effort to make their links appear natural but put in efforts to ensure that their links are indeed natural. Every website owner wants to increase Google ranks and the best way still to achieve this is through link building. In fact the whole premise of Google PageRank is dependent on link building. If you as a website owner can manage this properly through your SEO partner then half of the battle is already won.

When you were in the process of hiring your SEO partner didn’t you consider their portfolio? Didn’t you want them to show their client testimonials share their success stories? You did all this because you wanted to see what others think of the kind of work they do. Link building plays the same role for your website. When Google wants to rank your website it looks at the incoming links because these links are considered to be testimonials of trust from other websites. Hence, for any website a considerable amount of effort needs to go into link building to increase Google ranks.

Link building is a gradual process that you cannot hurry. All those websites that were till now buying links have now been cut short because Google doesn’t consider paid links as natural links. Your objective is to have quality incoming links from other reputed websites. Keep in mind that one quality incoming link is worth 20 (or even more) incoming links from below par websites.

Relevancy is another factor that plays a big role in link building to increase Google ranks. Any website falls into a niche category and it is best to have incoming links from websites that belong to the same category. For example, if you have a travel website it is best to have incoming links coming from other travel related websites, a hotel website for example.

But before all this is done it is important to review the condition of your current links. There are various tools that your SEO partner can use to assess the condition of your links. The worst scenario for your website is to have a dead incoming link. When a visitor to your website clicks on a dead link they cannot find anything and this has a negative impact on your website. This situation can only be amended through proper link assessment.

There are many ways you can get incoming links to increase Google ranks. For starters you may want to use article directories and blogs. These are effective sources of incoming links. As the reputation of your website grows so will the number of quality incoming links. More websites would now want to link to your website.

There are many other ways to increase Google ranks but link building has to take top priority. When you get that certificate of appreciation from other websites all the search engines would love to rank you high on their SERPs.

To increase Google ranks ( ) you need to have a robust link building ( ) strategy. Use the expertise of your SEO partner for achieving success for this strategy.

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Author: Mark Rothmann

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