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5 Excellent Facilities offered by Airport Parking Companies

Author: Charlie Brown
by Charlie Brown
Posted: Apr 20, 2016

Have you missed your flight because you couldn’t find parking? Parking in airports is always a nightmare and many will laud the parking systems and spaces set out outside the airports. This is an efficient system and the companies developing and advancing the parking system offer the following facilities:

1. Car parking

Even if you do not own a car, you will get into a cab to the airport or even have a friend drive you to the airport. Every other traveler will do this resulting in overcrowding in airport parking spaces. The parking lots created some short distance from the airports have well-built, clean, modern and perfectly illuminated car parks.

You will get access to at least four levels of parking bays that are color coded for you to find your car easily. The security system is enhanced with license plate recognition technology as well as surveillance cameras. You will not have worry about your car’s safety when you are away.

2. Shuttle transfer services

Getting from the parking facility to the airport and back to the parking facility from that airport has been made simple with shuttle buses providing courtesy transfers. These buses are available throughout the year, during the day and at night. Their frequency is high therefore you will not be delayed.

Security in the buses is also high because they have surveillance cameras installed. They are clean and fitted with GPS trackers for efficiency. On returning from your journey, you will enjoy the airport park and ride service back to the parking by placing a toll free call then you will be picked.

3. Ring and Ride

As a person packing in the facility, you get to call, toll free and are picked up from the airport to the parking’s lounge or parking slot. Your friends and family can also be picked up by shuttle buses from the airport when you call them. You can then pick them from the customer lounge.

4. Motorbike parking

If you are a biker, you should not have any fears about the parking for your motorbike. There are dedicated parking spots for motorbike, secure and under surveillance. Therefore, you can avoid airport logistics by packing your bike securely in the parking lot.

Corporate solutions

You will enjoy a different atmosphere is you are from a business corporation, an executive or business owner. You will also enjoy the hassle free parking if you are a frequent traveler. This is basically a perk of using the parking services and holding a corporate account. Checking in and/or out time is minimal, you will get your billing summarized monthly, and the setting up of your account is easy because of having a corporate card.

5. Customer lounge area

As you wait to be picked up by the shuttle buses, you will get to sit comfortable in the lounge area. You can also spend your time at the lounge as you wait for your friends and family to be picked from the airport by the bus. A bar and a restaurant is always open for you to enjoy your meals and your favorite drink. You will also get access to nearby stores where you can grab an item you forgot to pack.

With high security offered to you and your car or motorbike, you will be able to travel with peace of mind. The rates charged are fair and the customer service will be excellent.
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Author: Charlie Brown

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