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Immersion Heating Technology That Made Life Easier

Author: Theeta Electrical
by Theeta Electrical
Posted: Apr 21, 2016
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In urban cities the most common scenario is people rushing to their respective places of work and items that match this frenzy includes, toasters, water heaters, coffeemakers etc. The technology common in them is Immersion heating. Immersion Heaters process technology is designed for varied industrial applications including chemical heating with varied configurations like open tank, flange, screw plug etc.

Electrical heating is the process wherein energy travels and is converted to heat. There are many common applications used for heating that basically converts current into energy. The heating elements used inside each device are resistors that work on the principle of Joule heating wherein electric current is passed in resistors to convert it in energy used for various domestic and industrial heating applications, geysers, steam iron, toasters are few of such products examples. Most updated electrical heating devices use Nichrome wires as active element which is supported by ceramic shock proof insulators.

As alternative, a heat pump is also used to drive forth refrigeration cycle drawing heat energy from source like ground to air. Electric motor is one such example, heaters, and air conditioners etc. heat pumps delivers thermal power three or four units of heating energy. In order to increase the longevity of the products along with the chemical composition Fluropolymer, Quatz, stainless and Titanium is made use of. The size range starts with 100 watts to as big as 54,000 watts for domestic and industrial purposes.

Being fortunate in regard of tapping the best of technology, there are reliable sources of heating water supplier in India. The elements are marketed as OEM to leading manufacturing domestic and industrial systems and also in the spare parts market. From various applications, some of the thermostats, circulation heaters utility are enlisted as under:

  1. Geysers
  2. Cooking range and hot plates
  3. Toasters
  4. Hookah water pipes
  5. Coffee vending machines
  6. Water dispensers
  7. Refrigerators
  8. Hospitality industries
  9. Sauna
  10. Baking ovens for Pizza, cakes, breads

There are many leading tubular heating elements companies that specialize in industrial elements and systems. Some are as follows:

  1. Air duct heaters
  2. Screw plug and water, flanged immersion heaters
  3. Fluid heating systems
  4. Over the Side
  5. Mega Tank Immersion Heaters
  6. Oil Immersion Heaters
  7. Circulation and High Temperature Heaters
  8. Rod Thermostats and Controls

One noteworthy remark of such companies dealing with immersion heaters is the in-house manufacturing capability and the state of the art design studio wherein engineers and technicians conceptualize product elements in accordance with needs and demands of customers needs in varied specifications starting from 2D and 3D software. The developed prototype undergoes several security checks, allied checks to be stacked as product line and after that it is fabricated to be used as high quality and reliable raw material. These elements, thermostats find integral place in thousands of household appliances for both domestic and industrial purposes worldwide.

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Kunal Verma is an avid reader and pertaining to use of various Heaters market expanse and related information.

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