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How to organise a drinking tournament

Author: Urberk It01
by Urberk It01
Posted: Apr 25, 2016


Gather up your best drinking buddies. Avoid people who hold themselves back or are afraid of embarrassment. You need participants who will go all out and bring the competitive spirit to the event. People who go overboard are also not a great idea. You need the perfect balance between mindless drinking and skilful competitiveness. Also give participants enough notice and encourage them to pick team names, uniforms, a theme song and an opening performance. These should be very light and silly.

The Setting

It will probably get pretty intense if you invite the right people. So make sure you’re somewhere where you won’t bother anyone and nothing can get seriously damaged. Ideally organise it in an open space on a warm day. Not on a day too hot though, people might get lazy or sick. Also make sure everyone is free the next day to recuperate in peace.

The Rules

Make them simple but add an extra catch to make them more interesting. For example, one of the events can be worth double points. The basic rules should be as easy to follow as possible. Remember, people will be less and less coherent as time goes on and nothing should be left to interpretation to avoid arguments. Make clear that in the end you are the judge but of course be as objective as you can be.

The basic rules should be something along the following lines:

  1. Each team has an equal number of players
  2. When a game doesn’t require all members to participate the team can choose their players but has to pick different players each time. For example, if they pick Susie for one game they have to pick someone else next time. When all the players have been used, they can pick Susie again.
  3. At the end of every game each team gets a number of point allocated dependant on their ranking. So if a team places last they get 1 point and they get 3 if they come in third.


The equipment can be very or very intricate. The more advanced the better impression you will make but you can have a lot of fun without investing a lot. The most basic is obviously alcohol. Make sure you have enough and some backup. Have a good mix of wine, beer and hard liquor but avoid mixing too many hard drinks. Get high quality alcohol to avoid sickness. You need a sheet with all the rules and logistics so you don’t fumble too much, something to keep the score on, water, snacks, table, chairs and cups. That is the basic equipment you will need but if you want to fully commit you can even buy a proper beer pong set.


Here you have many you can choose from. Certainly choose many classics that people are already used to and skilled at but also try to include some new ones to keep things interesting. Avoid any that don’t have clear winners like King’s Cup and go for ones like Beer Pong where it’s easy to set up a competition. The order of the games is also important. Try to mix them up so similar ones are not repetitive and also consider the level of drunkness at a certain point in the tournament. For example, choose skilled games where you drink a lot at the beginning and leave the funny ones where you need to follow made up rules for the end.

In the end make sure you put in your own personal stamp on the event.

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