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Improve Your Mobility and Lifestyle with Stiltz Home Elevators

Author: Jai Gaitonde
by Jai Gaitonde
Posted: Apr 28, 2016

Elevators have come a long way since they were invented. Along with improving mobility, modern systems can increase the value of your home and improve your quality of life. Stiltz home elevators are specifically designed to provide all these benefits.

A perfect and affordable alternative to a stairlift, a Stiltz residential elevator is a spacious and can carry two or three people and a wheelchair if required. It can even fit in a vacuum cleaner and the family pet. Distinguished by their unique dual rail technology, drive mechanism and small footprint, these compact systems can be fitted almost anywhere in a two-story home.

These home lifts do not use hydraulics and are powered by an intelligent electric motor drive system that is very quiet and housed, out of sight, at the top of the lift. As the dual rail system carries the weight of the lift, no major structural alterations are required.

Residential Elevator Models from Stiltz

>> Stiltz Duo - Capable of taking two passengers between floors in under 30 seconds, the Duo offers freedom and flexibility that cannot be matched by other residential elevator products. The lift can be installed in places where other residential elevators will not fit. The clever design also means that installation can be completed in a fraction of the time that other systems need and at a much lower cost. It can be installed in as little as one day with minimal building work and disruption.

Stiltz Duo Lift Selection

There are three models in this line:

  • Classic
  • Vista
  • Thru Car

>> Stiltz Trio – An innovative wheelchair lift, this device is an ideal option for people with limited mobility. Larger than the Duo but still compact, the Trio can fit a standard-sized wheelchair and is also a great option for users with a walker or rollator. With its larger interior cab space and heavier weight capacity, it can carry an extra person, easily transport luggage, and carry other bigger items. It offers unrivaled flexibility in terms of placement in the home.

There is no product on the wheelchair home elevators market that can be fitted virtually anywhere in the home like the Stiltz Trio. Installation can be done in just one day with minimal building work and disruption.

Stiltz Trio Lift Selection

The Trio Selection also features three models:

  • Classic
  • Vista
  • Thru Car

If you live in NY or NJ, purchase of your Stiltz home elevator, from a reliable authorized dealer will ensure many benefits. A professional supplier will help you choose the right Stiltz lift for your home. You can also expect customized installation, and maintenance, inspection and testing support.

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Author: Jai Gaitonde

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