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Creating Fun yet Functional Website User Experience 2016

Author: Wynn Zhou
by Wynn Zhou
Posted: May 15, 2016
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Why would anyone want to give the fun experience to the users? The reason is pretty simple. When the experience is fun, the users enjoy it. When the experience is enjoyable, it automatically becomes memorable. Therefore, if your functional website also incorporates the fun experience, then your brand will have a very high recall value in the minds of the visitors. This is one of the primary reasons why many companies are focusing on giving the fun experience to the visitors. When there is fun, there is more user engagement and higher success.

Do not lose functionality for fun

One of the biggest mistakes any web designer could make while adding the fun element is to drop the functionality of the site. This is one thing you need to be very careful about. The right web designing company with ample amount of experience would know how to add fun and functionality together. Novage Communications is one such company for this type of website design. A website which can provide enjoyable experience to the visitor with high functionalities that is the website to look for.

How to add fun to the website

Our real life experiences may teach us a lot about mixing fun with work. Creating the enjoyable experience by using fun is the best way to give the incredible experience to the visitors. These are the types of experiences that people not only remember but also talk about. What you say on the website does not matter as much as what the user is saying about it.

The introduction of fun starts from by making changes to the ordinary. Let’s say you provide niche services and your website and your competitor’s website look pretty much the same. This means that it would be difficult for the user to tell you from the others. So how do you gain an edge? By adding creative fun to your website!

While adding fun you have to make sure you do not lose focus from two very important things. Firstly, do not compromise on the functionality aspect of the site. Meddling with functionality will eventually lead to bad user experience. The layout, navigation, structuring, and alignment should be in conformance with what is required. Secondly, understand that there is a difference between ‘fun’ and ‘stupid.’ In order to stand out, you will not want to get outlandish and totally bizarre. The fun element has to be added rather subtly. You will want user to get delighted with the experience and not frown at what you have added. You want innovation and not disruption.

You must have noticed even the giants like Google never fail to add the fun element. A lot of times you will see that when something goes wrong with Google, they display a quick, funny phrase like "ohh snap, something went wrong, but we shall be back soon." They also have some really funny doodles at times that add the fun value.

As already mentioned, the fun must not be obtrusive. It must not take the attention from the important. It should be natural and must not interrupt with the user experience.

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