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Flat belly – A wish of every woman!

Author: Lauren Irwin
by Lauren Irwin
Posted: May 19, 2016

Most women belong to corporate world find it difficult to manage their personal and professional life that directly put effect on their physical and mental health. There is no doubt they are more independent and bold but when it comes to make plans for health and fitness, they fail. Among the various health issues, belly fat is the main point of worry for every woman. Because to maintain flat tummy and toned body, workouts and balanced diet is must which is somehow become difficult task for working women.

This problem is not just limited to working women though, thousands of housewives are also facing this issue and try various home strategies to remain fit. Flat belly and physically fit appearance is not only look attractive but also reveals the state of health of a woman. Here I am going to write some exercise which will be beneficial for a flat belly:

Push Ups – It is the most known exercise for whole body parts. It mainly targets abs and require proper instruction before trying. As one of the main trait to do this exercise is to maintain a good posture.

Cycling – Cycling is the easiest and enjoyable way to achieve fitness goals. Easiest because anyone can add this in their daily schedule by quitting four wheelers over cycle to reach their destinations. For instance, if you’re office is 3 km away you can opt cycle over your two wheeler. It will be beneficial for both health and financial way.

CrossFit Exercise – To achieve sound health and fit body is every woman’s dream. CrossFit workouts with professionals always increase your metabolism and make you active in every situation.

Cardiovascular fitness – It is most recommended exercise for reducing belly fat.

Belly dancing – Whether you’re a good or bad dancer, you can try belly dancing to reduce fat. It’s an exercise that can be performed with a great fun. It targets your entire core.

Kick boxing – It works well for hamstrings, glutes and belly. If you kick sideways, then there are more chances of dropping belly fat.

Yoga – It’s a most beneficial workout that combines both strengthening and stretching poses with meditation and breathing. There are 100 types of yoga anyone can perform.

If you have read all above mentioned ways to maintain toned body. Always remember, try these exercise under professional supervision. You can also take 1 month classes from any female fitness gym. If you find dancing a better form of reducing belly fat than after learning a right technique from professional, try it in your free time or while doing household chores.

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Author: Lauren Irwin

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