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Computer/Device Screen Repair

Author: Khan Mash
by Khan Mash
Posted: May 20, 2016

Many computers, tablets and phones make use of old and modern screens. These devices, when in need of repair, factor from the different screen types, screen replacement and repair prices.

Firstly, it is important to acknowledge that there are different types of screens that are in use in the market. Non-touch and touch screens vary on the type of device. Laptop screens are attached to the laptop; so this may seem as though the screen in tablets like iPhones and iPads are also built in but they are not. As for old and modern TV’s, they use Plasma, LCD and LED screens. All of these screens are repairable or replaceable.

In addition, knowing about screen replacement is important within a repair. All moniters and screens are possible to replace, from computer and tablet screens to LCD’s. Apple computers like iMacs and Macbook Pro’s use regular screens while iPads and phones come with a touch screen. Touch screen within computers were introduced to compete with Apple’s advanced products but failed as most users prefer to use a keyboard with their desktop rather than using a touch feature. The next family is the touch screens used in PC’s all-in-one desktop computer. The availability for this repair is rare and is not worth the repair in certain situations. There are 3 kinds of screens available for touch screen replacement in the market. (i.e. original, from the manufacturer, OEM and third parties). OEM screens are made by the manufacturer and authorized by the original manufacturer. To add on, there are different qualities of screens available in the market, Copy, original and high copy. Even with the different levels of quality, they all look the same, so no one can tell the difference unless the screens were to break.

Lastly, repair prices for the screened devices vary on the type of LCD and/or situation. Computer monitors can be repaired but the cost is not worth it. In this case, replacement is the only option unless it is an expensive monitor. Regular LCD or LED screen replacement ranges from $80-$190. Apple Macbook screens cost more because of their higher quality and reliability. Because of the newer touch LCD technology, those repairs are also pricy. The family of touch screens used in PC’s all-in-one desktop computers are of high cost as well and replacement is the only option although expensive. Based on the copy, original and high copy LCD quality, the prices vary from cheaper to more pricy. Therefore, repairing a computer or tablet for a lower price means lower LCD quality and vice versa.

In total, the extra knowledge on LCD repair; from the types and replacement to the prices, are all important factors to know about one’s electronic device.

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