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What to do when dealing with an anxiety disorder

Author: Daniel Mathew
by Daniel Mathew
Posted: May 20, 2016

Anxiety is a state of mind that we all experience from time to time in our lives. Usually you feel anxiety in anticipation of a possible negative outcome to very important situation. That’s why an important job interview or a medical exam always gives you the heebie jeebies. But anxiety need not be bad for you either. Sometimes being worried about a job interview can actually help you focus in order to prepare harder for your interview. In such instances anxiety can be relied upon to provide you with the extra motivation. Sometimes however anxiety occurs so frequently and becomes such an intrinsic part of your life that it begins to impact the way you function leading to unhappiness. Such a state of constant anxiety is symptomatic of an anxiety disorder. So what exactly constitutes anxiety disorders? In this article we try to understand how anxiety disorders work and discuss whether medications such as 5mg xanax are the only solution to anxiety disorders.

Anxiety disorders-an overview

Usually patients are diagnosed with anxiety disorders only when they experience severe and intense anxiety symptoms for a period of over six months. Anxiety disorders are the most common type of mental ailment in the US affecting more than 40 million adults. Anxiety disorders can be further classified into

  • GAD or generalized anxiety disorders- this disorder is characterized by round the clock anxiety that is often disproportionate to the actual threat

  • Social anxiety disorder- this disorder is characterized by excessive anxiety when dealing with uncomfortable social situations

  • Phobia’s- this is an anxiety disorder in which patients exhibit excessive fears when dealing with a particular incident or thing.

  • Panic disorder- in this disorder patients experience acceleration of their anxiety symptoms causing them severe panic.

Anxiety disorders can wear you down over a long period of time and can sometimes even be the trigger for depression. It can affect your concentration levels, make you more irritable, and drain you in both a physical and mental sense which can begin to overwhelm you, that’s why it’s important to seek the proper medical help when dealing with an anxiety disorder.

What role does xanax play?

Xanax for anxiety is probably the most popular solution for patients. They are a highly effective prescribed medication that works more like how a painkiller works on you. They help in reducing severe anxiety symptoms almost instantaneously usually within 15 minutes of consumption. Alprazolam works on the central nervous system and promotes a calming effect by enhancing the activity of GABA neurotransmitter. It also alleviates the physical symptoms of your anxiety because of its muscle relaxant and sedative properties.

However alprazolam also produces a high or a sense of euphoria when you take it along with its anxiety reducing capabilities. This high is the reason why alprazolam is a prescription medication and not available over the counter. This high can be addictive if you take alprazolam in large doses which you must remember before checking the xanax price online on the way to making a purchase. Furthermore complications of overdose or painful withdrawal can occur if you take alprazolam in long doses. Most importantly though it’s important to remember that alprazolam is not intended to be taken regularly or in large doses in the first place because of the fact that it can be addicting and also because it does not affect the underlying cause of your anxiety but rather alters your response to it. So what else can you deal with anxiety disorders? Read on to find out more


Regular meditation can help anxiety patients overcoming anxious breathing patterns that occur during a state of severe anxiety or panic. It allows you slow down your breathing as well as promotes relaxation of muscles that are usually tensed when dealing with chronic anxiety. Meditation techniques do not usually provide instant results and should be practiced over a period of time for patients to realize its effectiveness.


Cognitive behavior therapy has been able to help many anxiety patients overcome their symptoms long term. Therapy focuses on changing thought patterns that usually lead to anxious or panicky state. Instead of bowing to the pressure of your anxiety, you learn how to challenge an anxious thought which over a longer term will help you deal with your anxiety better.

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