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A good brand agency keeps its accounts by conserving talent& clients

Author: Raviraj Mane
by Raviraj Mane
Posted: May 24, 2016

A good brand agency has a reputation to uphold. It has several responsibilities towards its staff and clients alike. Otherwise, it is only a matter of time before the branding agency is shelved for good. However, if it wants to rise and achieve optimum business potential, then, it will ensure that clientele and employees have no opportunity to complain... and also retian its valued accounts & talent.

Acknoweldging creative juices of talent

Always there is someone who is generting the ideas, catchy titles and content. A seasoned brand agency will retain the talent by acknowledging the gifted employees.

There is more that the branding agency can do with these tips.

  1. Interesting projects- It is okay to make employees engage in mundane projects once in a while. But the agency should ensure the projects become more interesting and push them to learn new skills.
  2. Risks- Clients can be adamant on playing it safe withold marketing strategies. Being risk-adverse does not make the creative juices flow. An exciting or a new idea is bound to have liabilities but this will ensure originality. Legal restrictions also make the project dull. Thus, it is helpful to give the staff a free way once a while.
  3. Hiring- it is the job of the firm to ensure that the talent they hire has consistent potential. Bad hires bring down the both the reputation and the standard of the work they produce.
  4. Deadlines- Customers are given unrealistic promises of deadlines so that the company will get a contract. This is unfair as the employees who will have to slog for long shifts to meet the decided deadline.
  5. Credit- giving the staff its much deserved credit is a must. Salaries can also be an incentive to motivate them to put their best in the future as well. Not giving due credit can be taken as a huge let-down factor.
  6. Equipment- having up to date equipment will ensure the workers don’t get frustrated in their work and they can efficiently handle the software that is used for digital marketing and other social media promotion.

Customers expectations

  1. Delivering what is promised- the firm should live up to promises, meet all the contracted deadlines and deliver quality work routinely.
  2. History/Profile- if the agency has a good clientele it shows their knack for keeping at par with their business goals.
  3. Goals- they should directly approach goals of the customer about the product to be marketed. Enable the client to identify their target audience and opportunities. Most important question is that- are they promising a brainstorm session only after the cheque has been delivered?

Honesty- They should be frank and transparent in their dealings. A mature agency will know their strengths and weaknesses. Good firms will focus more on the likelihood of success that the commodity will bring about and not how wealthy the client is. They should have the courage to speak up when a product is unproductive and unresponsive.

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