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Deadly Mistakes you need to learn before website designing

Author: Wynn Zhou
by Wynn Zhou
Posted: May 24, 2016
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When it is about creativity, opinions may vary and it becomes a matter of subjective choices. Website design is also a creative thing. However, if you are designing a website for a business, it is not just creative but ‘calculated creative.’ Many people may not like it, but it is not the freestyle art form. While designing a website for any business, you will give more weight to what the audience may like as opposed to what your personal choices are. Of course, your excellent creative skills are an advantage but they need to be channelized. Although there is no set formula for what constitutes a great web design, there are some very elementary mistakes that must be avoided before website designing. Here are some of them.

Using the moving sliders

A lot of websites are using the moving sliders these days. But it does not seem to be a good idea when it comes to creating a business website where conversion is the primary factor. You have a very short window to grab the attention of the user (and almost all of them are passing users). Therefore, you need to make sure that only the elements that matter grab the attention of the visitor. A moving slider instantly draws the focus towards itself and the user may lose sight of what is important.

Using the fonts that are too small

You must have paid a lot of money for web designing and development. Once the site is complete it is the time to see the efforts coming to fruition. But you do not see the results as you had expected and you wonder what exactly went wrong. There is something called readability that has a huge impact on the users’ time spent on the website. If you have a content that is hard to read because of low sized fonts, you are going to lose the users pretty quickly. You have to make things easy for the users as they want everything on platter. Keep the font size appropriate. Thankfully, we have web design companies like Novage Communications that use the appropriate font site during website design.

Slow site load time

This is one of the biggest problems for the web designers and developers. If the site is taking even little longer to load, users will rather hop to another site. The front end of the site could possibly include a lot of elements that may cause the delay in loading. For instance, if you are using too many animations and flash programs, your site load time will be high. Also, you will want to make sure that there are no unnecessary scripts running.

Confusing layout and no navigational hierarchy

Layout and navigation are two very important aspects of website design. No matter how many times you talk about them, you cannot lay enough stress. The layout has to be clean and should make the site look tidy. Cluttered websites get discarded by the users instantly. Also, for better user experience, make sure that the navigation structure is perfect.

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Wynn Zhou is the founder of Novage Communications - a leading web design company in Singapore. She specializes in Seo and loves applying her skills to help local clients. She has successfully set up a baby online store in Singapore.

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