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.50 Reading Glasses Are For Beginners

Author: Lois Parker
by Lois Parker
Posted: May 24, 2016
reading glasses

.50 Reading glasses are usually worn by kids. Eye diseases such as myopia are hereditary. Kids that are born to myopic parents are bound to have weak eyes. Parents only discover the weakness when their children start school. Most of them complain of blurry vision. So it is important to watch kids while they are watching TV and if they squint a lot, take them for an eye exam.

Several eyewear designers create frames for children of all ages. They want kids to enjoy a better level of comfort and show off the modern styles. The eye doctor will advise you what type of glasses your kids need to wear and for how long. It all depends on the type of vision correction they need. If they are far sighted they will need to wear it at all times. For kids that are nearsighted, it is not advisable to keep the glasses on at all times. The choice of the frame may depend on the thickness of the lenses. If the power is high, the lens will be thicker. The new plastic lenses are shaped to look thin and are very lightweight as well. For thick lenses, it is good to choose the smaller frames.

If you want the.50 reading glasses to last long, choose from a designer frame. If your kids dislike wearing glasses or fear other kids in school will make fun of them, add some cool features such as photo chromic lenses with tints that darken outdoors. Frames in the latest fashions will allow them to make new friends. If your kids have sensitive skin and are allergic to alloy, look for hypoallergenic materials.

Due to their agility, kids that wear .50 reading glasses run around a lot and get sweaty. Their spectacles may fall off when the face is sweaty. So choose to get the metal frames that come with adjustable nose pads. With plastic frames, the bridge of the nose may not adjust well with the bridge of the frame and the glasses are bound to slip off.

For lens material choose polycarbonate as it offers protection against damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays. These lenses are scratch-resistant coated and will make the glasses more durable. Temples with spring hinges also work towards this end. Glass lenses can break once the glasses fall so never choose glass lenses for your kid’s spectacles as broken glass can be hazard for them. Glass is also a heavier material and your kids will feel better in lightweight glasses, so opt for lightweight frames and lenses.

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Lois Parker has been an ophthalmologist for the best part of 25 years now. Her expertise in eye care are second to none.

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