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Finding The Best Preschool In Northridge – Tips For Parents

Author: Petite School House
by Petite School House
Posted: May 24, 2016

So you are a struggling parent who has finally reached the stage of choosing a preschool in Northridge or choosing the best day care centre at Northridge. You have got your list of potential caregivers, and you are all set to ask the many questions that are clogging your mind and making you nervous about entrusting your child in their hands.

Selecting the best preschool in Northridge can be a tricky task and you do not want to make a mistake with this one as the future of your child may depend on your choice. Remember your ultimate goal is to find the best care and education for your kid. So here are few tips that you should consider when talking with the representatives from preschools/child care centres on phone call so as to come up with a list of the best ones for your kid to attend.

  1. Be courteous enough to ask them if it is good time to talk or not? If not, ask them to give you a suitable time to call.
  2. Don’t forget to ask the business hours!
  3. And a million dollar question to ask, ‘What ages do you care for’?
  4. Teachers’ qualifications and experience in the business is an important criterion to know about.
  5. How many employees does the day care centre have on its payroll?
  6. How long have they been in this business and some references if they can provide.
  7. Most importantly ask them, if they have any certification/registration/license of the business.

Remember - for the introductory phone call, it’s always best to keep it short, so that you do not waste the time of the other person on call. You need information, but at the same time you should sound respectful. All you need here is to run a quick screening for the best preschool in Northridge without putting in too much efforts and time.

The next step would be to assess the call you just had. Was the speaker friendly, knowledgeable, open and willing to give you all the answers of your questions? A negative attitude towards you (a potential client looking for the best preschool in Northridge) may give an indication of the way they will treat children, if they join the school. So if you can smell even a pinch of negativity, consider it as a huge, glaring red flag and hop on to next school. Having said that, remember, everyone has a bad day, and you may end up with the wrong provider, so always be open to second chances.

But just in case you are pleased with the initial contact call, immediately ask for a follow-up appointment to meet at the facility at a mutually convincing place and time. Make sure to visit the facility so that you get the accurate picture of what is offered in your area.

The smartest strategy to select the best preschool is to visit the facility in regular school hours, so you can get a real feel of the place, the programs that they conduct and the decorum they maintain at their facility. However some providers (especially those in the small programs with limited staff) may be very particular and reluctant to take time away from the children they are caring for, and may request you to meet during the off-hours. Remember these factors as well.

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Marge Thatcher is an expert when it comes to early education and care for children. She also likes extremely interesting articles and blogs to help parents make all the right decisions during these critical stages in the life of their children. She recommends as one of the best preschools in Northridge, California.

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Petite School House is a leading Northridge child care center that offers age-appropriate preschool for toddlers and young children.

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