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Timeless and Finely Tailored, Carpet Tiles Add Elegance and Beauty

Author: Carpet Express
by Carpet Express
Posted: May 28, 2016
Carpet tiles offer convenient flooring ideas for redecorating or building your floors from the scratch. With this flooring idea, you may like to mix and match ideas until you strike the right combination. Carpet tiling can also be the best solution if you are looking for temporary flooring options.

Carpet Tiles are renowned for giving any space a new pop with their aesthetic styling and vibrant design patterns. Modular carpet tiles can be an excellent flooring option for any such place where a soft floor is required to be installed, including homes, athletic facilities, trade show booths and even business areas. The most fascinating feature held by these flooring options is that they need no carpet pad adhesive to install, and prove handy for temporary installations. Generally, carpet squares are non- absorbent, i.e. moisture cannot harm the carpet floor tiles. Here, you can get a closer look at how carpet tiling solutions are making it big in the world of contemporary architecture and design.

Factors to Consider while Selecting Carpet Tiles

Carpet and rugs add magnificence to the flooring of any area when installed with all the considerations in place. Also, choosing the right carpet tiles is important as per their uses and area of installation. Before you go to shop for carpet tiles, it is important to consider some of these under-mentioned factors:

  1. Traffic area of the place: The traffic frequency of the place where you wish to install carpet tiles needs to be considered at the very beginning. More delicate carpet tiles, for example, should be avoided at entryways, and rather can be installed in bedrooms or drawing rooms.

  2. Quality: Not all carpet tiles that look good in stores perform best after installation. To avoid any disappointment, you need to look for the right signs to ensure warranty, anti-static controls, and the appropriate features for repelling dirt and oils.

Carpet Fiber Types

Carpet tiles are available in several fiber types (in all ranges) and are categorized in line with their costs as well as looks. Olefin is one of the most common and least expensive carpet fibers for standard carpeting as well as tiled carpets. This material is considered to be strong, fade resistant, stain resistant, mildew resistant, as well as resistant to abrasion and sunlight. Holding all these qualities, it is considered as a great commercial carpet and carpet tile fiber.

Polypropylene is another common fiber for carpet and carpet tiles. This fiber is somewhat similar to the Olefin fiber and lesser priced too. Most importantly, this fiber performs exceptionally in high traffic areas; and is commonly installed at high-traffic commercial or business areas for added functionality.


Easy installation is one of the most powerful features of high quality carpet tiles. These carpet tiles can be installed in three different ways:

  • Interlocking

  • Glue- Free

  • Self-Adhesive

In the case of interlocking tiles, the carpet tiles look like puzzle pieces and are installed in the same manner. They may or may not feature the characteristics of edging (allowing to create a finished edge). The ‘Glue Free’ tiles are just as the name suggests – they are non-adhesive in nature and do not require any glue to stick them together. These flooring solutions may require a double sided carpet tape if you wish to use them as a rug.

Yet another form of popular carpet tiles is the ‘Self- Adhesive’ ones. These are peel and stick carpet squares that are easy to install anywhere – at your home or business place alike.

Care of Carpet tiles- tips

  1. Regular vacuuming is the best way to clean your carpet tiles from everyday dust and dirt.

  2. In case of inevitable spills and accidents, it is well-advised to treat the areas as promptly as possible.

  3. It is suggested to scrape up any droppings from the floors; and as soon as possible. The right trick is to start working from the edges of the spill towards the centre so that it doesn’t spread further.

  4. If required, the tiles can be lifted and rinsed under the tap after treating with a mild detergent and scrubbed gently.

It is important to remove all traces of detergent by rinsing the carpet tiles well. In case you need to lift a tile to clean and rinse with water, it should be replaced only when it is completely dry. Such tiles should be allowed to dry naturally and not via a radiator or other artificially hot surfaces; this may damage them beyond repair.

Benefits of Installing Carpet Tiles

  1. Modularity: Modular floors are capable of being installed in line with the requirements of their buyers, thereby reducing the cost of the overall reorganization. These carpets, when installed, do not cause major disturbances in the underfloor systems such as telephone wirings.

  1. Easy to Transport: As they are highly modular and easy to maintain, carpet tiles can be removed from the floor, filled in a box, and fitted on the back seat of your car if you wish to move out.

  1. Easy to lay if the shape of room is different: If you wish to carpet the floor of a room that has an awkward shape, it becomes a challenge to find a carpet that can serve the purpose perfectly. You end up struggling with the angle or awkwardly placed corners of the carpet –right? Carpet tiles form the best solution in this case as they help you build the shape of your carpet as per the room layout.

  1. Damaged tiles can be removed instantly: One of the most powerful features of carpet tiles is that if a small part of the carpet gets damaged permanently, it can be instantly and easily replaced with a completely new tile.

Carpets will never go out of fashion, even though they have been somewhat overtaken by laminate flooring as an easy to lay floor covering of choice. Also, this doesn’t detract from the fact that arranging carpet tiles is far easier than fitting a large carpet when the rooms are oddly shaped. Yes, it is quite difficult to adjust large sized carpets. All in all, carpet tiles add beauty and elegance to your floors, and can be attained in the sizes and designs as desired by you.

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