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Best cure for allergic cough

Author: Avni Deshmukh
by Avni Deshmukh
Posted: Jun 03, 2016

As the pollution levels in our environment keeps rising, it leads to various respiratory diseases that then become severe. Enough measures are not taken to curb the growing pollution levels and this can surely become a cause of worry in the near future. It is noticed that even young people are suffering from breathing problems that can be easily avoided by proper implementation of rules in our society. Some of the major diseases that are caused due to the deteriorating levels of pollution include allergic cough and asthma. There are various cures that you can quickly get for these diseases or else if they get chronic, it is really difficult to curb them.

Allergic cough is largely associated with allergies that pre-exist in your body. Mostly, when you suffer from cough due to various allergies, the problem is known as allergic cough. These are airborne allergies that you can try and avoid as far as possible but sometimes it is just not in your control to prevent them. But the best you can do to avoid it is to try and be away from allergens such as pollens, dust, and smoke among others. The breathing tract may be filled with mucus or other watery substances that may block the passage and further cause more breathing problems. Sometimes, there can be severe effects of allergic cough which then leads to infections, viral fever or common cold. Even asthma can trigger allergic cough due to the pollutants in the air. If you are suffering from chest congestion, runny nose and perennial cough, chances are that you have an allergic cough. The best treatment for allergic cough is to have anti- biotics that are proven to discard the allergic effect and provide you relief.

As for asthma, more number of people is now getting the disease. We'll look into some asthma treatment that can provide you relief. For a handy option, you must always keep an inhaler with you with proper medicines like the Qvar or Flixotide. But some people have noticed minor side effects by the usage of drugs for their treatment. Before you continue with your medication, you must make sure that you are all good with them and there are no major side effects. If you feel that drugs are harming you in some other way then it is best to go for natural and herbal cures for asthma. Whenever you feel like you are having an asthma attack, have a reliever or inhaler with you which can aid you in a better way.

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Dr. Avni Deshmukh is an expert medical consultant in Mumbai (India). To know more about symptoms, cure and treatment of Asthma, Cough etc for adults and children..

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Author: Avni Deshmukh

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