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Fall Clean Up Tips For Better Garden And Yard By Lawn Father

Author: Lawn Father
by Lawn Father
Posted: Jun 03, 2016
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Most of the people have the habit to totally ignore their garden and backyard. They don’t like to sacrifice their weekend to weeding and raking. But clean up the garden is essential. It is crucial to clean the yard and remove all the debris from it. You just take a few hours from your weekend and clean up the garden.

It is a very good news that you can do it yourself. You just need some right tools to remove extra leaves and other debris from the backyard or garden. Here are some easy tips that show you how to start. Lawn care and spring fall clean up, both are essential for the health of your garden.

If you live in Calgary, Lawn Father is here to provide you professional lawn care services.

  1. Remove the debris and leaves: Removing extra leaves and debris from the garden is important, because it kills the grass. Take a leaf rake and clean up the backyard or garden very well. Use a lightweight rake to eliminate it. Probably, you don’t have lawn debris on a regular basis. It means, you just need to clean your lawn on weekends. You can use these extra leaves as a mulch or make a compost.
  2. Remove weeds: Weeds are the enemy of your beautiful plants and garden as well. After watering the plants, you can pull weeds. Because the soil moist with water and you can easily pull them. There are numerous methods to kill weeds including salt them, burn them, kill with hot water and many other home remedies. By using the correct method you can keep the weeds out of your lawn or backyard.
  3. Feed your garden: Feeding is vital for everyone, whether it is human or plants. Feeding is the most important thing that you do for your garden. For the lush and green lawn, feed it on the regular basis. Regular feeding schedule makes it healthier. Make sure to water your lawn before a day of fertilizing.
  4. Trim extra shrubs and trees: You have so many trees in your garden, that’s great. But you may notice your trees have some extra branches that cover other little plants. Trim them with as soon as possible. Trimming the extra branches and dead limbs help the tree in growth.
  5. Plant some new flower plants: If you plant lover and want to give a beautiful look to your garden, plant some beautiful flower plants. You can plant some annual plants and some seasonal, whatever you like.

So, ready to clean up your garden or lawn? All of these given fall clean up steps are very easy to perform. It does not take your too much time. No matter what the season, just keep the garden clean. Have you any question or query, ask from our professionals.

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