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Child Custody and Support Mediation

Author: Webmaster Jacky
by Webmaster Jacky
Posted: Dec 26, 2013

Separation and divorces are not only end of relationships but also sometimes lead to bitterness, feeling of discontent and frustration in future lives. Therefore, it is very important that after all the battles of who is right and who is wrong, financial settlement, division of common property and custody of children, a sense of closure is reached and the couple and their children are able to pick up the threads and live a normal life again. Mediation plays an important role in helping in this procedure particularly when the custody of children is involved. Parents can approach child Support Mediation, Sacramento, Child Support Meditation, Sand Diago, or Divorce Custody Services Sacramento to help them reach a decision which is acceptable and less painless than court proceedings.

The couple tries to sit down with a mediator, generally a disinterested third party with facilitation and legal skills, and tries to resolve, without messy court battles, issues like the financial amount for child support for custodial parent, visiting rights and other procedure to be followed in future.

Mediation helps in Divorce custody agreement and Child Support:

Parents can seek the help of mediation processes both for divorce custody settlement and child support. Divorces and separation are not easy processes; even divorces which are consensus take their toll on the parties, both physically and mentally, particularly where children are concerned and the child custody and support system needs to be put in place for the mental well being of both parents and child. Some reasons why mediation helps are:

  • The mediator is not a friend of one party; he or she is a qualified unbiased individual.
  • An agreement which acceptable to both is reached through frank and open discussion with the help of mediator.
  • The agreement is likely to cover both financial and other aspects as visiting rights of non custodial parent and his or her right to take part in the future plans of the child.
  • The financial child support agreed is both fair and just as it is taken after a careful financial evaluation by both parents.
  • The agreement is likely to be adhered in future as it is the result of mutual agreement and not imposed by courts.

Mediation and Divorce Custody proceedings

There are several reasons why mediation is better in divorce custody proceedings and many estranged couples like to go through this lengthy process rather than settle for court proceedings.

  • The parents decide through mediation what is vital for the future of their children
  • Generally custody proceedings are carried on without name calling and blame game.
  • Mediator helps the parties at each step to make right decision which puts emphases on the future lives of the children.

Divorce and separation, though necessary, are difficult and tumultuous experience, mediation is one way to help both parents to take far reaching decisions for the future of their children. ‘Transitions for Life’ is carrying on valuable work in this field in many states; their official website is Having a trained third party sitting during a painless yet necessary decision making sessions makes things easy for everyone.

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Divorce and separation though necessary are difficult and tumultuous experience mediation services sacramento help both parents to take far reaching decisions for the future of their children for details search this.

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