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888-606-4841-Combine Multiple Hard Drive, Mount Hard Drive and Adobe Flash Player in Windows 10

Author: Microsoft Windows Support
by Microsoft Windows Support
Posted: Jun 09, 2016
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1. Windows 10 Patch Gets Adobe Flash Player Back

With the new Windows 10 patch, it can now be said that the first forceful Windows 10 patch of 2016 is largely aimed at addressing and resolving issues with Flash-supported applications, which was caused by the last forced Windows 10 patch of 2015.

In accordance with Microsoft’s blog post, the new patch update resolves Windows 10 vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player in IE and Microsoft Edge internet browser. It fixes the vent that caused some of the popular applications such as Skype, HP Solution Center, IncrediMail, several Serif programs, GameMaker, including some games which were broken down when Windows released a patch last year. Read more at

2. Windows Top 10 Tips: Mount Hard Drive as Folder

Immediately when your personal computer system starts displaying the deficiency of space, you generally rush for an additional hard disk or other physical storage media so as to meet the requirement and get out of the situation easily. However, over the period, several drives turning up on your personal computer and it will start looking strangely, and it is certainly not the best Windows 10 solution to the deficient space on your computer.

Instead of using physical drives to extend the storage capacity logically, you can go by a feature identified in Windows 10 or in the previous versions, which will let you mount a folder path to a hard drive that looks like a folder on your computer. Probably, you may come across some technical issues while taking the procedure further. But you needn’t worry as you can find Windows support phone number here to get help on mounting and unmounting hard drive as folder in Windows 10. Read more at

3. Combine Multiple Hard Drive In Windows 10

Can’t meet the expense of purchasing a 1TB hard drive, but you can combine your two 500GB drives just laying around into a single volume through some easy procedures. On the other hand, Microsoft Windows 10 system does also allow you to put several hard drives into a single large volume using two key features best known as "Spanned" and "Striped" volumes.

When you have several drives on your computer, it becomes challenging for you to track the files and documents that where they are located. Using the two key features, you can meet your requirements with an increased accuracy. Read more at

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When you have several drives on your computer, it becomes challenging for you to track the files and documents that where they are located.

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Author: Microsoft Windows Support

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