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Is an Electric Adjustable Bed Right for You?

Author: Sameer Tendulkar
by Sameer Tendulkar
Posted: Jun 09, 2016

Electric adjustable beds have become very popular due to great comfort, wide availability, affordable prices and multiple features. People often remain confused and ask- Are these electric adjustable beds right for them? The answer is yes! because these comfortable beds allow user to adjust it according to need, requirement and space. It is an ideal choice for those who suffer from back and shoulder pain oftenly; it provides proper posture and restful sleep. The modern adjustable beds complement your home and modify according to space and need.

The history of adjustable beds is very old; some evidences reveal that these beds were used from the 16th century. The three-part adjustable bed was designed by Dr. Willis Gatch in the early 1900s. The bending beds were specially designed for blood pressure patients; it stimulates the blood circulation and maintains the oxygen level in the body. From then, these beds have been revolutionized and at present time, multi-featured electric adjustable beds are used by people. Following are some of the therapeutic benefits of these healing beds:

  1. Enhance circulation
  2. Eliminate the symptoms of Acid reflux
  3. Eliminate Back pain
  4. Reduce Swelling
  5. Post-surgery healing
  6. Reduce symptoms of breathing problems

The healing adjustable beds are designed to provide health benefits to humans. Poor circulation leads to various complications like edema, inflammation and breathing difficulty. To eliminate these symptoms, one should sleep in Fowler’s position that promotes healing and breathing processes. Problems like serious heartburn can also be reduced with these relieving beds. The bed position elevates the head and chest that reduce acid reflux and offer comfortable sleep. The adjustable beds offer zero gravity position to the user that is considered convenient for relieving back and shoulder pain. You can buy these comfortable beds from electric bed manufacturers at reasonable prices.

Following are some of the benefits of adjustable beds:
  1. One can relax on these flexible beds to enjoy restful sleep.
  2. Thigh and calf pain gets reduced when one sleep regularly on electrical adjustable beds.
  3. Easily fold them to attain comfortable position according to your body problem.
  4. Sleeping on these beds offers mental and physical relaxation.
  5. It improves the intrinsic problems like indigestion
  6. Keep the heart healthy
  7. Prevent the problems like bed sores and chest congestion

Zero G-Beds bring the best Zero G-ultima electric adjustable beds for you. Now, simply fold, unfold it according to your need and space. Enjoy the zero-G position and release out all the stress and pains from the body. The reasonable prices and best services make Zero-G-Beds an ideal choice for your home. Enjoy sleeping with Zero-G-Beds.

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Author: Sameer Tendulkar

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