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Feel the Comfort with Electric Adjustable Beds

Author: Unique Care
by Unique Care
Posted: Feb 17, 2019

Electric adjustable beds are helpful for people all over the world. You must know much about this highly comfortable stuff. This article may help you.Electric Adjustable Beds are a kind of bed having multi-hinged lying surface and offer a wide range of positions for sitting or lying purposes. These types of beds provide an extensive array of features, like, tilting the bed so as to raise the upper part or lower part of the body; height adjustment; etc. Such beds not only provide various features so as to ease man’s comfort but also deliver different health benefits.

They were initially used in various hospitals and health centres so as to provide comfort and relief to patients suffering from various critical conditions. However, since the last few years, such beds are more commonly used in home cares. These electronically equipped beds can provide comfort to patients suffering from surgery, breathing troubles, Arthritis, Sciatica, circulatory problems and many other diseases. The Electric Adjustable Beds utilised in hospitals, health centres and home cares are almost similar in terms of the basic functionalities.

There are four types of adjustable beds available for homecare purposes, namely;

1. Standard2. Low3. Ultra-Low4. Bariatric

However, Standard adjustable beds are commonly used. This category is again divided into Standard High and Standard Low electric beds. In some cases, these beds can be provided with wood grain bed heads, though it is absolutely optional. Bariatric version of adjustable beds weighing approximately 35 kg is also available.

Following are given some of the unique features of Standard Adjustable Beds as provided by us:

1. The height of the bed can be adjusted electrically.2. Electronically equipped bed also provides an automated device for the backrest.3. The beds are provided with personal push-button hand control.4. The adjustable beds are formed of high-quality ‘Dewert’ German made electronics items and equipments.5. The head and foot boards of the beds can be removed as per our necessities.6. A wide range of shapes for these adjustable beds is also available.7. Provided with self-help pole mounted brackets.8. A wall bumper is also attached to the bed, which is used to make the bed remain at the best distance away from the wall.9. The hoist clearance is approximately equal to 150 mm.10. A measurement platform of width 900 mm and length 1940 mm are implemented and used for designing Adjustable Beds.11. The Safe Working Load (SWL) for the adjustable beds is approximately equal to 200 kg.12. The beds are provided with a structural warranty of nearly 10 years.13. However, an electronic warranty of 5 years is provided for adjustable beds.

Besides these Standard features, other optional extra characteristics are also provided to our Standard High/Low adjustable beds. Some of the add-on features provided along with the Standard adjustable beds are as follows: 1. Provision for electric knee bend and foot rise2. Control panel for the foot end3. Lock-out Magnetic Swipe Key particularly for patients4. A good battery back-up5. Lighting provided under the bed6. Central Locking Castors7. Sizes of the bed can be customized while placing your ordering8. Bed Sticks- attachable to the sides of the bed. A wide range of customizable and removable bed stick styles are also provided. The cost of the basic straight bed stick is approximately $55.9. The beds are provided with pull-out extensions10. Mattresses or mattress bolster in-fill are also provided for adjustable beds possessing pull-out extensions11. Side rails, also known as cot sides are also available as an add-on to the electronically equipped adjustable beds12. A complete set of padded covers for the side rails or cot sides are also present13. CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) buttons are also provided so as to prevent a collapse of the patients while having a sudden cardiac arrest. In emergency cases, activating the CPR button flattens the bed platform and lower it down to the minimum height, and also deflates and flattens the bed’s air mattress (if any), thereby, building a flat hard surface essential for efficient CPR administration.14. The beds are also endowed with IV pole or self help freestanding bed pole, which helps the patients to pull themselves up in a seating posture while in bed.15. There is an extensive range of colours available for the different varieties of headboards.16. The most exclusive feature of the adjustable beds as provided by us is the provision for Electric Adjustable Trendelenburg Tilt.

Our Standard Electric beds are available in ¾ King Single Size. The external size of the bed is 1050 mm x 2030 mm; whereas the size of the mattress base is 1050 mm x 1940 mm.

Also, the Standard Electric Beds offered by us are designed in Queen Anne Style available in various colours. Other headboard styles and designs are also available at no additional cost. We also provide powder coating or wood grain effect finishing touch to the adjustable beds as per your customizations and recommendations. You can customize the size and colour of the Electric Beds and the attached headboard as per your decor. Also, you can customize the electronic equipments and accessories to be appended to the adjustable beds so as to suit your staff and suffice patients’ requirements.

Electrically Adjustable beds can also be utilised by people suffering from Spondylitis, severe back pain, muscle weakness and other health issues at their homes as an alternative to the standard beds. The adjustable beds not only provide with a wide range of automated features but also serve us with important health benefits.

Some of the advantages provided by Adjustable Beds are listed below:

1. Provide relief and comfort to the upper body and back pain2. Improves the overall body circulation3. Treats chronic diseases like Arthritis4. Eases swollen and fatigued legs5. Improves and maintains a proper digestion6. Aids curing Insomnia7. Provides maximum comfort

Though the expense of purchasing and maintaining an adjustable bed is comparatively more than a normal standard bed, the benefits provided by the electrically adjustable bed makes it worth buying.

Unique Care can help you with the best range in electric adjustable beds. We are loved by all because quality has always been our first priority.

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