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Event Organizers Collaboration with Live Streaming Apps

Author: Alice Fowell
by Alice Fowell
Posted: Jul 12, 2016
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The concept of live streaming is not new for today’s generation. Same goes for the concept of mobile live streaming. The only difference is that the mobile live streaming tools stream the video which is created by a mobile to a mobile instead of streaming it to web page or websites. It is a digital world out there. Stats show that people spend their 60% in a day searching and sharing on their mobiles. So, it is safe to say that apps that support live streaming videos by best live streaming in Australia service on mobiles are the preferential apps for live streaming lovers.

But how are these tools helpful for our event organizers. What are the different video streaming solution and mobile apps that would work best for them?

The answer to the above questions depends on nature and demands of our event. Depending on the portfolio of the business, you may find one app better than the other. It’s a myth that all apps work in a similar manner. Each app has its advantages and disadvantages. Before deciding on an app, it is suggested to try and test all to understand its working as well as its suitability to our frame of the event.

Periscope and Meerkat are two such apps that are creating trends in the digital app market. These apps are a blessing for event organizers around the world as well as a challenge. Let us see how.

First, let us understand the apps Meerkat and Periscope:

Meerkat: Meerkat first came into existence in 2015. Live streaming videos created through this app are live-only, which means the app does not save the content. However, the video can be saved to the device using the app. All your Twitter followers receive a tweet once your videos start streaming. While watching viewers can comment, like or retweet the stream to their followers. The best part and benefit of the Meekat app is that you can program your streams in advance and tweet the schedule to your followers. A major drawback of the app is that your every activity in Meerkat becomes a tweet for your followers which could be quite annoying for them because it jams their time line.


Periscope is the current hot favorite app among mobile users. This app is non-segregated with the social platform. As opposed to the working of Meerkat, your every action does not have a reaction at the twitter feed. But as soon as you start streaming, it notifies your followers with a link to your stream. Even after you stop streaming, this app allows you to replay it for 24 hours. The best advantage of the app is that it gives an insight into the list of viewers that viewed your stream.

How are these apps useful to event organizers?

  • Cost effective:

Gone are those days when broadcasting an event meant having hordes of equipment like camera, sound and lighting set up by a crew calling for huge investments and an uncompromising schedule. Live streaming can now be done by any attendee at an event with a smart phone and supporting an app like Meerkat or Periscope installed. These apps provide the adrenaline of watching an event through the eyes of an onsite attendee.

  • Reaching a larger audience:

When an event is covered by these live streaming apps, it covers a larger audience, as the streamer of the video is bound to have followers to whom the stream is pushed into their time line.

  • Generates wide opportunities for business:

Going live on these apps are bound to increase opportunities for business by showing off the event set-up and their presenters. It can be used to create a buzz about the upcoming event and promote it.

If there are advantages, there are also disadvantages, for example: if your event is at a promotional stage and you don’t want to be too extrovert about it or don’t want to part with more information than necessary, it could create a problem when an over-enthusiastic live streamer decides to stream the whole event in one go. Then there are copyright issues. Live streaming copyrighted content is a huge offence in the eyes of the law.

But give or take a few uncomfortable situations these apps are creating a strong foothold in the mobile live streaming market.

About the Author

This article is written by Alice Fowell who is a blogger and content writer.

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