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Must Know Aspects Concerned With Infertility/Intimacy One Should Never Ignore

Author: Samuel Charles
by Samuel Charles
Posted: Jul 12, 2016

Intimacy is one of the most beautiful gifts from God for living beings. It’s not just a matter of pleasure or amusement; rather, the absolute complacency on this aspect matters a lot on social/personal and professional life as well. Not so satisfactory outcome in terms of intercourse or intimacy create the strenuous and depressing issues like infertility.

Lack of Satisfaction May Cost The Relationship:

According to the statistics, infertility is an issue in about 20% of couples around the globe. Though there are many other aspects those might be responsible for infertility, one of the prominent causes is the unsatisfied sexual life among couples. Being more specific, it can be related to the inability of spending sufficient span on the bed. Not a surprise if the above scenarios start affecting the relationships among the couples.

Act Prior It Gets Late:

Prior things get worse, going with the last longer in bed pills is certainly a wiser option available. Naturally, as the couples become able in spending extended hours on the bed or simply expand the intimacy hours, they become able in feeling more confident about the concerns associated with infertility (if the cause is due to lack of intimacy ).

Causes Behind Infertility Are Eclectic:

Infertility is not necessarily a phenomenon associated with the intimacy only. The problem might be there with the male counterpart or female (it can be both as well). In males, it can be due to minimal semen volume, weaker sperm quality or concentration, etc. Similarly, it can be due to hormonal causes, menstrual issues, etc. as well. The concern is definitely about the reason; finding the right way of healing is rather more important. It is thoroughly advised for people of above groups to take sexual dysfunctional drugs only with the thorough consultation of the experts.


In most cases, it has been witnessed by people taking medications of their own, or simply upon consulting someone who has gone through similar issues. The problem with such practices is people don’t understand the fact that there can be multiple reasons associated with infertility. Again, there remains the fret of hypersensitivity upon random in taking the last longer in bed pills.

Knowledge: The Right Way

Right medication is undoubtedly the way to come out of the challenges as mentioned above. A right medication is something that is recommended by the physicians and something that is proven. For example, if it’s a case of male, they need to enquire whether the drug is proven in terms of improving the sperm or testosterone level or not. If it says it can, it is essential to check up to which extent.

In simple terms, sexual dysfunction can be understood as the huddles those come in the way of someone (or the couple) while indulging in intercourse/intimacy. It is here to mention that the lack of desire also falls under the category of the same dysfunction. In concurrence, it can also occur due to lack of entertaining sexual stimulation, failure of keeping up the erection throughout the intercourse, unsuccessful orgasm, etc. It can also depend on upon the patient’s age; for example, men beyond 40 are more frequent of sexual dysfunctions. In fact, it’s a fact that the chances of sexual dysfunction increase with age in case of men than women.


As of any disease, the sexual issues/dysfunction can also be cured. There is nothing to feel ashamed about it. However, it is important to go with the right medication techniques/drugs in right time. The advantage of consulting the experts is that they give you the right picture of the extent, hence recommend the needful doses.

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