A Chauffeur’s Attire: Ensure the Right Practices

Author: Gary Junior
by Gary Junior
Posted: Jun 18, 2016

The last thing a chauffeur should do is mess with his attire. The dress of the chauffeur depicts professionalism, excellent services, and his passion towards his job. Along with the excellent capabilities, it is the dress of the chauffeurs that sets them apart from the other service persons handling the transportation requirements. If a chauffeur is able to represent himself in a professional and clean attire, clients are surely going to opt for them. According to the airport chauffeur service providers, it is even a way to build trust.

Let’s see what are those essentials that a chauffeur must include in his attitude to impress the best:

  • Go for White Shirts

White has been a color of peace and professionalism and that makes it the first choice for the chauffeur attire. While there are a few luxury airport chauffeur car providers who accept a different code of color, but it is most likely that white is the recommended one. This color lets the chauffeurs represent themselves in an elegant style and not to forget white has always been able to draw attention. Make sure the shirt is pressed to be crisp.

  • A Suit to Complement the Shirt

To complete the attire, follow with matching suit and pant. With a white shirt, black is called for and that is why the pants and suits need to be in black. As for the designs on the suit and pant, there should not be anything that draws much attention. No eye-catching piping, designs, or decorations. Make sure the complete ensemble is freshly cleaned and pressed. It is the duty of the chauffeur to maintain the right condition of the shirt. For a safe side, keep with you 2-3 suits.

  • Look for Finer Details

As for finer details, we want you to focus on the shoes and socks. Just like the shirts and suit, here also you need to focus on the simplicity. A black dress socks with shined black shoes will accomplish the purpose. No logos and designs should be present on both the attires. Going for leather shoes is the best bait as it offers the ease of cleaning and maintenance.

  • Add on the Accessories

Most of the time accessories depend on weather. Overcoats, ties, belts, gloves, and hats are some of the essentials that can be there in the company rule book. As per the coats, always make sure you wear them with a suit jacket. About the ties, most of the companies come with their logos on the tie. If not this, you should go for a plain black tie. Remember the old rule; a belt should match the shoes? Yes, you need to go for black belts as well.

Some of the companies even go for hats and that is more or less decided by the company itself. As for the accessories, neither the employers nor the clients worry about the wedding ring and a simple chain.

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