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What Is SCADA And What Are Its Advantages?

Author: Archer Finch
by Archer Finch
Posted: Jul 08, 2016

So first things first, let us find out what does SCADA stand for. The acronym SCADA has full form and that is, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. This is increasingly popular software which is being employed by a number of companies. It is used to control a number of computer or web based control systems. It allows the facility personnel as well as the operators to control and get hold of all necessary data remotely and locally. This has been employed by a number of companies for the smooth operation of the ongoing work. This way it becomes really easy for the operator to handle and work with data from wherever they are; therefore reducing the hassle of working only from the office.

The SCADA systems designed by the software engineers, give the operator the freedom to use the data from wherever they are, giving them access to some much needed mobility. This gives the workers a lot of flexibility, making work much easier. Data acquisition is something most companies employ and employers are concerned about and with fully operating SCADA systems, it becomes much easier to work with the data. It helps in the maintenance, troubleshooting, reporting and data storage.

Here are some advantages of the supervisory control and data acquisition and they have been mentioned as follows:

  • The performance of the system increases manifolds. Plus the operating cost reduces as well as the reliability of the system.
  • The degree of the problem in the system is indicated by SCADA so there will be no false-alarms after the working hours end.
  • The best part is the operators do not have to continually keep an eye on the data, as the system keeps track of it all the time.
  • Log sheets as well as all forms of data can be tracked down with this system, making the job of operators much easy and hassle free.
  • Data can be accessed on the laptop, mobile phone, tablet as well as the computer, so it becomes easy to go through the details even while on the go, which is a huge advantage.
  • SCADA systems can range from a very basic set up to a very complex one so if the software is designed in a user friendly manner, even novices will be able to use it very simply.
  • The system is very easy to maintain, even if you are not a very tech-savvy person.

How to get a SCADA system set up

Getting a SCADA system setup can be a little difficult, as you will have to find tea right software company to get it done. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the company you choose should a licensed reputed company which will respect to privacy of the data involved. That apart the company must be able to take all your suggestions into consideration and come up with the best solution at the best possible rate.

Hey myself Archer Finch. Even though I took extra care about my systems, but still it was more prone to hacking. With the introduction of the Scada systems, my system is now very much safe from all sorts of threats, as most of the Scada Systems are connected to web based portals or products.

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Pioneer in the industry of automation, flexible manufacturing systems, Cncs and so on, has presented his views here about Scada Free.

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