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Why is an Under mount Sink the Best Option?

Author: Krista Moy
by Krista Moy
Posted: Jul 26, 2016
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At some point in your life as a home owner the kitchen sink will probably require an upgrade or replacement which is why you need to know what options are available and why some are better than others.

Home improvement stores are easily the worst place to get lost in because there are so many choices for the inside and outside of the home that making a decision is almost impossible. When it comes to the kitchen sink it is best to start with online research about the materials, designs and installation features before you ever go shopping. You should start with manufacturers who specialize in the distribution of these products because they will generally have the most amount of information that is specific to quality, maintenance and the differences in the options.

When you start looking make sure that you know what kind of countertop material you have and if this is going to be changed during the remodel than be sure to keep the ‘new’ in mind. This is because certain sinks work better with materials such as granite over laminate and tile and it is extremely important that whichever sink you purchase can be supported by the foundation. Another feature to remember is that some sinks (top mount) have their accessories attached while apron front and under mount accessories are separate (in the counter or on the wall).

The first thing you need to decide is what type of design you want such as the ones already named above. They all have pros and cons but one of the most popular styles currently is the under mount and this is for a variety of reasons. It is user friendly when it comes to cleaning the countertops because dirt, grime and food can be swept right into the sink bowl and it has a sharper and more contemporary look to it than the traditional top mount.

While apron front is considered a group on its own it is similar to an under mount except that the front piece is exposed instead of a total counter inset. The next decision involves selecting a sink material such as stainless steel, granite, enamel, fireclay and even copper. They are all frequently used and offered in the market but by far, stainless steel is the top seller. However, fireclay sinks are making a comeback as individuals learn to appreciate an old-fashioned approach with a modern twist. Granite is very durable and copper is very unique but before making the final decision, check out the maintenance requirements on each of them because that is what will decide whether you still love your kitchen sink a year down the road.

Under mount options are available for the kitchen, bathroom, bar and utility sinks so you can keep the same theme throughout the entire home as you go from room to room with upgrades. Choose accessories and ensure that there is space left on the countertop for this installation when taking measurements or let the professionals handle the details and simply let them know which product you want ordered. The under mount leaves more countertop exposed, has a clean and precise appearance and can work with any material you choose so there is no downside to this choice but take time to research and decide for yourself!

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