5 Simple Tips for Buying Loose Diamonds For Commercial Purposes

Author: Sameer Tendulkar
by Sameer Tendulkar
Posted: Jul 26, 2016

Often, people will buy loose diamonds for their jewellery business or personal investment purposes; but understanding the way this popular gemstone is priced in critical.

Before you buy loose diamonds, it is important to know whether the certification and valuation is accurate. This means not only knowing the source of the stones, but also ensuring that you're purchasing from a reliable manufacturer. Diamonds are distinct from other precious stones because they have a resale value; so be sure that you understand international standards.

Here are 5 simple tips for purchasing loose diamonds for any commercial purposes -

#1: Source of the Stones - Diamonds used in jewellery or as astrological gemstones have to be 'Naturally' mined diamonds. This is for any stone which may measure between a simple.25 or 1 Carat gemstone, to a brilliant cut stone above 10 Carats; but the source HAS to be natural. Artificially made diamonds have become common in the market, so it is important to know the source of the stones before you buy loose diamonds for ANY purpose.

  1. Conflict and Legal Diamonds - Since the early 2000s, the reality of Conflict Diamonds has become critical to the jewellery industry. Diamonds are mined naturally in Australia, India, South Africa and Russia; but most Diamonds mined in East Africa are considered "Conflict Diamonds" because they fund warlords and dictatorships. Make sure that you only buy legal, certified stones cut by a recognized manufacturer!
  2. Cutting and Grading - Before purchasing loose diamonds from any merchant, understanding international pricing standards is vital. Cutting and Grading are important aspects of determining a stone's price; so make sure that you are buying from a reputed and reliable manufacturer. Most of the diamonds of smaller sizes are cut and shaped in Gujarat, while bigger stones are polished in Europe or America.
  3. Prices and Industry Standards - Diamonds are mined naturally across the world, but the prices depend on their usage. For the jewellery industry, the prices are determined by certificates from various internationally placed gemology bodies like ISI and GIA. Make sure that you're buying from a reseller offering the right prices when you buy loose diamonds - since prices fluctuate every day, but the commercial value of diamonds depend on other factors.
  4. Diamond Merchants Online - Nowadays, people have accepted the idea to buy loose diamonds from merchants online. While most people would feel that personally inspecting each stone is vital; in the wholesale market, there is rarely enough time to grade each stone. Reliable and certified diamond merchants ensure that they price and grade diamonds according to set international norms and standards whether selling online or in a showroom.

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