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Review of a website developer job in NYC

Author: John Charlin
by John Charlin
Posted: Aug 06, 2016
Website Developer In NYC

Silicon Alley which is central part of Manhattan has developed into a major IT Hub in few years. This has actually blessed the New York City and its economy. With sections like Digital Marketing, Software Development, Game designing, Biotechnology, Website Development etc. it has benefited IT industry a lot. It has also become a fertile land for website developers. No matter what you work on a web developer is always needed to make people aware of your product. High technology start-up’s has blossomed in NYC creating enough employment opportunities for website developers.

The total spending generated by the NYC tech ecosystem is $125 Billion. If calculated it sums upto three percent of NYC’s total economy. The IT industry has not only created jobs for technical people but also absorbs non tech employees in the industry. Even tech people are getting placed in other industries. Consequently it makes NYC a great city to move in for any tech person, most favourable for a web developer.

Primary Responsibilities Website Developers

Website developers in NYC may be working with the IT industry or any other depending on individual requirements. More over a web developer in NYC can be working as a freelance too. As a freelance a developer may work as a consultant. It does not change his responsibility regardless his nature of work. He shall handle both server side and front end logic. This involves dealing with visual elements which user sees and uses in the website.

Nowadays most of the web applications have minimum three tiers depending on the size of web developer’s team. In NYC web developers mostly work with large organised team. If the team happens to be small in case of freelancing assignment it can work in an organised manner as well. Even a team summing up to merely two people can function smoothly with proper planning. Here one developer can focus on technologies sent to the client and other can concentrate on the interaction between server-side frameworks. Further coordination functions like discussing the content with the content writer, planning the launch with marketing person etc majorly come under project management. If a website developer is working freelance in NYC or any other city it’s his liability to carry the project management part as well.

Average Salary of a Website Developer in NYC

Well a Website developer’s salary is always a good pay, especially in a city like New York which is referred to as IT Hub. It all depends upon the kind of skill level an individual possess, the amount of experience a developer has and so on. It also depends on a specific speciality possesed. A Senior Front End Developer in NYC will definitely be well paid than an IT Support Analyst in the same city. While salary ranges between $ 27,000 to $ 1,35,000 it all depends on your position. We can surely recommend the high paying jobs in NYC lead developer,.net web developer, Ios developer can certainly pay you better than HTML Developer in NYC. Remember it’s always your skill and not the trend what pays you. So figure out what can you do better than anyone else. When you actually realise your skill come to be a Website Developer in NYC.

Web Developer Jobs in NYC

As any other industry this diligence too has many wings. Let’s have a look at the categories of web developer’s job in NYC.

  • Web Designer: He is the one who decides on look and working of the website. His major look out will be in HTML, CSS, and light JavaScript.
  • Front End Developer: He is mainly responsible on the part of developing the designer’s vision. He can also be called as front end engineer.
  • Back End Developer: His job is to create backend and core computational logic of website. Component and features created by back end developer are indirectly accessed through front end applications.
  • UI Designer: His part is more of visualizing than execution. He does not implement but imagines.
  • UX Designer: It is related to study of how people use website. It’s related to testing.
  • Web Developer: It is a backend job. It focuses to working on language specific to web. It is also called a web programmer.
  • IT technician: This is related to actual computer and technical equipment.
If you are looking upto a dynamic career in the IT sector we recommend considering Website Developer as one. It can certainly change your life and take your career dreams to another level. This field offers you to create a working style of your own and stand out from crowd. It can not only change you as a professional but as a human being as well. Moreover if you decide to be a web developer after reading this, be a website developer in NYC to have the best working experience.
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