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Choosing Plasma Sterilizer for excellent Low Temperature Sterilization

Author: Marketing Moonmed
by Marketing Moonmed
Posted: Aug 06, 2016

All our life we learned about three states of matter namely, Solid, Liquid and Gases. However, there is one more state of matter which is very unusual but present in abundant in universe called plasma. Plasma is also a gas like substance which consists of both positive as well as negative electrons and it is seen as a new way to repair cavity problems. Plasma as a substance is used for the sterilization process in treating periodontal diseases and dental caries. Plasma sterilization is a process which could be used for bacterial inactivation and tissue modification, making it an effective technique for the dental problems and restorations.


Plasma is being used in the sterilization of the medical instruments and this is because of the high bactericidal efficiency and ability of plasma to enter in confined places. Plasma Sterilizer has been a popular method in medical science due to its high effectiveness in destroying the microorganisms and delivering excellent results. Basically, Plasma Torch and Plasma Pencil are the tools used for treatment of various dental diseases.

Applications of Plasma-

  1. Plasma Pencil- Plasma Pencil is a small tool resembling something like a tooth brush, is capable of killing the bacteria and viruses. The Plasma Pencil produces a plume known as plasma bullets and these bullets can be used to treat various oral problems. Plasma Pencil has been used widely for treating oral problems like removal of infected tooth and bio film remover.
  2. Dental Caries- Plasma devices are used for repairing and controlling dental caries to replace and remove the infected tissues by preventing the further growth of bacteria in the affected area. This method was developed to minimize tooth structural removal and to hinder the growth of bacteria. Since plasma is efficient in entering the confined spaces and is able to fit into microscopic devices states that Plasma Sterilization is the best technique to treat dental caries problems.

Although, the germicidal property of plasma at subordinate cellular level still needs lots of research work; however, studies shows that plasma can be effectively used for treatment of periodontal diseases.

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