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Korean Fashion Bright Color Pencil Thin Pants

Author: Salina Yuan
by Salina Yuan
Posted: Sep 30, 2013

Lead: Autumn has come, we will put a deep color, which continue until the season of ice cream and candy colors, promise autumn light, who says winter must be joyless? Author collected a 10 eye-catching beauty autumn colored pencil pants ride so that you become a tapestry of autumn!

Light color pencil korean fashion style pant

Collocation Skill: chiffon shirt's soft and elegant noble purple taro ice cream encounter, the people are elegantly up, wide-brimmed sun hat black edges very lady yet.

Bright color pencil pant

Collocation Skill: Polka Dot dress with a bit of cute retro, with lake blue pencil pants very dynamic, both unobtrusive and harmony, sneakers and baseball caps, to go from street casual style.

Bright color pencil pant

Collocation Skill: bright yellow pencil pants small woman, Knit hem chiffon blouses with a perfect, thick with bow ladies shoe, perfect shape.

Bright color pencil pant

Collocation Skill: Striped pullover hooded sweater, with a sky blue pencil pants, canvas shoes, very student-flavored one match. Increased layering denim jacket, enriched whole body shape.

Bright color pencil pant

Collocation Skill: another on the tender pink orange pencil pants, a good warm, cute, taro purple stripes all long and short jacket, more points playful, white shoes and a baseball cap to create a lovely little girl temperament.

Bright color pencil pant

Collocation Skill: cartoon portraits T, cute suction eye, purple pencil pants with high-heeled shoes can also be very street lady, red frame sunglasses are a major attraction!

Bright color pencil pant

Collocation Skill: tender green pencil pants, with the same color green twist knit tops, green sneakers, harmony and full of change.

Bright color pencil pant

Collocation Skill: striped shirt casual ride, purple pencil pants, do the old denim jacket, sweet also has uninhibited.

Bright color pencil pant

Collocation Skill: a blue color is very positive pencil pants, people seem very spiritual, hollow cute sexy chiffon shirt, do the old denim vest full of vitality!

Suit jacket + pencil japanese clothing online pants

Light gray denim pencil pants ladies lovely, light color is very wild, such as crush with pink striped suit jacket sweet and intellectual, colored pencil pants with dazzling jacket might make you equally so in the early autumn suction eye yellow water table high-heeled shoes continue to add youthful tone, black clutch fashion plus.

Long-sleeved shirt + pencil pants

Crush white pencil pants with denim shirt colors properly, tough and comfortable denim-colored cloth became one of the handsome and soft, golden necklaces and bracelets with a very fashionable, so with a simple dress with bright, yellow chain shoulder bag with more suction eye Oh!

Long-sleeved shirt + pencil pants pink orange shirt with denim pencil pants casual and comfortable, with a white soled sandals are very sweet, cute, Korean before after a long shirt with short beam was thin and significantly higher, it seems more handsome crush wear sunglasses Oh!

Boyfirend Wind T-shirt + pencil pants

The Boyfiend wind loose T-shirt with pencil pants can be formed under the wide and narrow clothing with clever cover the upper body fat and abundance of legs, show slender leg line, crush Floral Printed T-shirts and pencil pants youth and sunshine, autumn Required!

Boyfirend Wind T-shirt + pencil pants

Boyfriend style gray letters printed T-shirt with a white pencil pants casual simplicity, the T-shirt in the pants pencil beam to create the perfect body proportions, crush wear open-toed sandal straps add Pangke Fan with cool sunglasses reflect each other.

T-shirt + short board waist pencil pants

Nowadays popular short board T-shirts and high waist pencil pants can be described as hit it off, short board jacket can be elongated body proportions, shape sexy high waist pencil pants leg line and hip line, youthful sweet and yet not afraid of early autumn breeze, crush such as wearing a baseball cap more points handsome Oh!

T-shirt + short board waist pencil pants

Crush lo shi short gray T-shirt with a printed board pencil pants, a flower a mix of sweet and youthful prime, coupled with suction eye bright yellow shoulder bag and flat shoes more dazzling, crush appropriate metal jewelry with a more fashionable, wearing handsome duckbill cap plus points.

Suit jacket + pencil pants

Crush dressed in blue and white striped pencil pants look tall and thin, with lace print suit jacket ladies and intellectual, blue and white with cool and warm in early autumn, show women wearing stiletto heels pointed charming, yellow single Oh shoulder bag is very rosy. Don’t afraid of the expensive cost, you can wholesale clothing China

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