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Korean Fashion Denim Jacket for Women

Author: Salina Yuan
by Salina Yuan
Posted: Oct 03, 2013

Lead: autumn season, put on the street, how to wear to be thin? Loose denim shirt, slender pencil pants, simple, with any variety you choose, and so what, Check it out.

Denim shirt + wholesale asian clothing pencil pants LOOK1

Blue denim shirt with a dark pencil pants, loose denim shirt brought a sense of casual wanton, pencil pants Slim was thin, which take the T-shirt shirt worn half beam is more of a handsome, leather tote bag colors and waist echoed the overall mix casual fashion.

Denim shirt + pencil pants LOOK2

Light denim shirt with a black pencil pants, shirts worn half-beam shirt, casual, handsome, high heels and lace colors shine small bag, wine red scarf is a touch of dazzling scenery.

Denim shirt + pencil pants LOOK3

Wine red cowboy shirt with a black pencil pants, denim shirt tunic in whole, showing the slender waist, bright red hair in that there really is a touch of snow suck the eye of the landscape.

Denim shirt + pencil pants LOOK4

Light denim shirt with pink pencil pants, denim shirts fashion half beam is commonly worn, the overall mix bright colors seem casual, fresh, silver high heels with blue black leather clutch adds a touch of a sense of professionalism.

Denim shirt + pencil pants LOOK5

Light denim shirt with pure white pencil pants, color, fresh and natural, high-heeled shoes fish head slope with lace design chic, black bag with an added sense of cool sunglasses.

Denim shirt + pencil pants LOOK6

Dark denim shirt with dark yellow pencil pants, shirt worn full beam, showing the waist, highlighting women fashion nude color heels, with light-colored or black shoulder bag is a good choice.

Denim shirt + korean fashion pencil pants LOOK7

Denim shirt with a printed pencil pants, color printing gives a blinding sense, solid white T-shirt and denim shirt just reduces the visual clutter that sense, fish head high heels elongated physique, it is tall, the overall mix complement each other.

Denim shirt + pencil pants LOOK8

Dark denim shirt with pure white pencil pants, shirt worn revealing full beam waist slope with high-heeled shoes to enhance physique, cold ride outside a beige trench coat, bag and high heels color similar to the overall mix color control and the wide-brimmed blue cowboy hat optional.

Denim Jacket + pencil pants LOOK9

Denim jacket with tight black pencil pants, cool punk rivet satchel enhanced wind, slope with high-heeled Roman sandals into black boots might be better.

Denim shirt + pencil pants LOOK10

Thin denim shirt with burgundy pencil pants, shirt front tie waist, revealing a perfect body, with a black beak is very suitable for high-heeled shoes, bags and the choice can be considered a black bag.

Denim shirt + pencil pants LOOK11

Matching Skill: Polka Dot T-shirt classic and cute, with tights make legs more perfect lines. Beam so that the overall shape is more dignified shirt, showing a high waistline, divided perfect body proportions. Denim jacket is handsome. Highlight uninhibited personality black high heels so that the overall shape is more eye-catching.

Denim shirt + pencil pants LOOK12

Matching Skill: striped T-shirt matches denim jacket, simple and straightforward. A highlight charming red dress, Polka Dot sexy black stockings showing a trace, with black high heels, exudes charm.

Denim shirt + pencil pants LOOK13

Matching Skill: cute lace dress is sweet, pieces of red pointed shoes add a bit charming and mature. Denim jacket so that the overall shape is more handsome, both warm and stylish.

Denim shirt + pencil pants LOOK14

Matching Skill: simple casual striped T-shirt. Denim jacket make you look handsome.

Denim shirt + pencil pants LOOK15

Matching Skill: feminine gentle charm handsome denim jacket dress match is not even a trace of violation and a sense of style simple and elegant and noble temperament. Matching sandals and handbags are casual yet stylish.

Denim shirt + pencil pants LOOK16

Matching skill: casual fashion and easy to manage. Denim vest outside the ride, immediately become handsome.

Denim shirt + pencil pants LOOK17

Matching Skill: black denim jacket so that the overall shape is more neutral, sports shoes vibrant.

Denim shirt + pencil pants LOOK18

Matching Skill: loose denim jacket a little neutral winds and highlight small frame body. Random error buckle few buttons, a full uninhibited personality. Shiny shoes so that the overall shape is more eye-catching.

korean fashion tops Denim shirt + pencil pants LOOK19

Matching Skill: lightweight breathable white T-shirt Slim nine points match pencil pants, neutral full. Wear a cowboy hat and sunglasses vest, mysterious and handsome.

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