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Design Process Followed by a Website Designing Company

Author: Carlsen Baker
by Carlsen Baker
Posted: Aug 12, 2016
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There are several stages involved in a web designing project. From gathering initial information about the project to designing, developing and usability testing, there is a lot that goes into web design. As per researches, web design plays a vital role in ensuring that the visitors stay on the site for a longer time. Visuals on the site determine whether or not the users are impressed by it.

In this article, we will be discussing the design process followed by a website designing company. A lot of time and patience is required for designing a site. It also requires a lot of planning because there are various technicalities involved. Designers divide the process into manageable phase so that it becomes easy to craft a visually appealing website. The exact procedure can vary from one designer to another; however, there are few common stages that each designer follows:

The first stage involves the process of gathering information related to the project. This is one of the most important steps because a well-designed site is possible only when the designers have a clear understanding of the company, its target audiences, goals and other requirements. Designers ask questions to the clients before starting work on their projects. From finding out the purpose for which they want the site designed to asking about their preferences, target audiences and long term goals, they need to know all details before starting work.

Second process is the brainstorming process in which some creative ideas for the project are sketched out after collecting the required information from the client. A bunch of rough designs are created and are sent to the client for feedback. The end users are kept in mind when making the sketches.

Workflows are created in the third stage after the client gives a green signal to the ideas presented. Everything is put together and a workflow is created to bring the designer’s though process into a diagram. Each section of the website is listed in the workflow along with a brief information on the kind of content that will be posted in each section.

After getting approval for the workflow from the client, the designer creates designs for low-fidelity wireframes. Wireframes are mainly a visual guide that represent the skeletal framework of the website. They also help in identifying potential issues that the designer may have missed identifying in the earlier stages.

The next stage involves creation of visual design for high-fidelity wireframes that are created for filling in details missed by low-fidelity wireframes. Then comes the development of visual mockups that show how the site will look like.

If you are planning to get a website designed, choose a good team. When choosing a web design company or one of the reputed mobile app development companies, do some research and compare different service providers. There are many such companies in the market and you need to make sure that the best team comes on board.

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Author: Carlsen Baker

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