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Content, Product & Order Management Modules in Hybris

Author: Kapil Sharma
by Kapil Sharma
Posted: Aug 18, 2016

Hybris consultants say that the content, product & order management features present in hybris are the key features which help to develop a full omni-channel solution and makes hybris stands-out from the rest…

Hybris is one of the most recommended ecommerce platforms in which consumers can sell in both B2B and B2C markets efficiently, creating an omni-channel solution and shopping experience. It was founded in 2007 and in the the software has evolved has evolved over the last 9 years and today we have the hybris version 5.5. Hybris was acquired by SAP in 2013 and in 2015, Forrested declared it as a leader in the 2015 Q2 B2B commerce suites evaluation. It has over 500 customers all across the globe with some very high profile customers and has shown significant market share growth.

According to hybris consultants, hybris ecommerce platform has few unique features which make it different from the rest and helps to sell online, mobile, in-store or via a customer care centre. Hybris specialists say that the content, product & order management features present in hybris are the key features which help to develop a full omni-channel solution

Hybris Product Content Management (PCM) Module

Hybris product content management (PCM) is considered as a leader in product information management (PIM). It helps to create an engaging customer experience by putting the products at the centre of the sale. In other words, hybris PCM helps to engage the customers with rich, consistent product content, product demos, images, videos and information across every touchpoint. It perfectly manages with today’s business agility and gathers data scattered across the enterprise, enrich it and publish it from a single location. PCM also helps the marketing departments to improve SEO and localised content can also be provided for international campaigns. Product managers and marketers develop and publish rich customer experiences through hybris PCM and this can be achieved anytime during the day or night. Hybris partners are of the opinion that because business and product content are at one place. a seamless omni-channel experience for customers is created and new products can be brought in to the market rapidly and easily with the help of hybris PCM.

Hybris Order Management System Module

Another feature of hybris which provides additional business functionality is the feature of the Central Order Management System and a module which helps to control billing. Order management is not only essential in B2C commerce but also very essential when you have to achieve B2B commerce solutions. Originally, B2B was more of a personal selling experience but there was the need for more and more engagements. Considering the fact that the B2B companies are increasingly expanding and improving their online sales process, it is very important to have a real-time order and inventory management and this is possible through hybris implementation in the site.

Customisation and integration of enterprise software with core business systems has often been a challenge. Hybris really sets itself apart by being easy to use and deliver. Traditionally enterprise platforms were always dominated by IBM and Oracle, but in the last few years Hybris has presented a realistic competition which has been validated by its popularity. The delivery and development of the platform is often executed by a solution integrator (or development agency) and the Hybris partner ecosystem has many options. The typical project for a fully deployed site would be around 6 months or more in duration, depending on features, complexity and integrations. With the backing of SAP, Hybris offers an excellent front-end platform to compliment the enterprise ERP. By putting customer experience at the centre of the solution, while still allowing customisations to allow for differentiation. When it comes to a modern ecommerce platform for mid-range to enterprise workloads Hybris has all the ingredients to lead the field.
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