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3D Printing in Mumbai

Author: Ajaya Gupta
by Ajaya Gupta
Posted: Sep 04, 2016

3D printing has been gaining momentum in Mumbai lately. Many companies have now started to realise the potential of 3D printing and there have been many start-ups wanting to make it big in the industry. Especially in Mumbai, in the last 5 years there has been a sharp rise in 3D printing mainly for prototyping purposes.

3D printing utilizing the extrusion of thermoplastic material is easily the most common and recognizable 3d printing process. The most popular name for the process is Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM).The process works by melting plastic filament that is deposited, via a heated extruder, a layer at a time, onto a build platform according to the 3D data supplied to the printer. Each layer hardens as it is deposited and bonds to the previous layer. FDM being most economical process is largely popular in Mumbai and elsewhere. Availability of entry-level 3D printers in the market saw an increase in growth of enterprises providing sales & services for 3D printers and the filaments. The advent of this industry has created new jobs for artists in the post-production department to make the products in desired surface texture and finish like glossy, metallic & matte.

"Learning by making" has a long established story in education, and thanks to democratised 3D Printing, this educational principle makes a real come-back. Educational institutions are setting up labs to spark curiosity in students to come up with better innovative ideas. One of the many benefits for educational purposes is the "authentic exploration of objects that might not be readily available". This is absolutely true regarding fossils and other artifacts, 3D printing allows students to explore and understand the past in a real and more concrete way. The use of 3D printed replicas of human organs as a training method is not limited to university and many medical professionals are currently benefiting from 3D Printing to train before a surgeon for instance. From tools to toys, moulds to models, braces to bones; every prototype can be 3D printed to check for its further optimization.

The vim in enterprises is seen through the various workshops, exhibitions going round the clock in the city. The new industry is bracing the Make in India initiative actively. We have now got the potential to transform our digital designs into objects in no time and in unprecedented low costs, no matter how complex the design is. With rapid advancements in software tools and even more precise hardware, we think that the best is yet to come!

We, at printOmake, are a closely knit network of Industrial & Digital Designers, Architects who have gathered experiences from all around the world, an official distributor to Flashforge 3DPrinters in the Indian subcontinent.

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