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Ajaya Gupta

Member since: Aug 23, 2016
Published articles: 10

3D Printing in Mumbai

3D printing has been gaining momentum in Mumbai lately. Many companies have now started to realise the potential of 3D printing and there have been many start-ups wanting to make it big in the...

Articles > Technology & Science > Electronics Sep 04, 2016
Flashforge New Creator Pro 3D Printer

Th? Fl??hF?rg? New Creator Pro is a high quality 3D?rint?r with du?l extrusion t??hn?l?g?, built on?n open??ur???l?tf?rm that?r?vid?? a great l??rning experience in 3D?rinting. Th? Fl??hF?rg? New...

Articles > Technology & Science > Electronics Dec 04, 2016
Growing Demand for Affordable Flats at Boisar

Boisar has emerged as an affordable property destination for prospective homebuyers! Besides low-cost availability of the flats in Boisar, there are several other factors that are driving the property...

Articles > Finance > Loans Apr 11, 2018
Tomorrow's Algorithmic Trading Technology Will Have Better Results and Better Risk Management

Over the past few years, financial trading has witnessed a major change in terms of technological update. For traders, this is a major boost because these updates will help them in getting more power...

Articles > Computers > Software Nov 03, 2019
Top Ingredients Used in Livestock Feed

The importance of nutritional components in livestock feed cannot be emphasized enough. It is essential to make judicious use of ingredients in feed in order to provide required nutrients to the...

Articles > Animals & Pets > Pet Health Jan 05, 2018
3D Printer Spare Parts

3D printing f?r th? r?il indu?tr? g??? b???nd the?im?l????t?nd?ffi?i?n????ving??n?ff?r from a n?tw?rk of printers?r?und th???untr??r?du?ing consumables and r??l???m?nt parts?n d?m?nd. While we will...

Articles > Technology & Science > Electronics Jan 05, 2017
How is Algorithmic Trading System Helpful for Retail Traders?

Since the entry of Algo trading, it was majorly used for stock market purpose where brokers and institutional traders. As the time changed, retail traders too started adopting this Algorithmic trading...

Articles > Computers > Software Dec 26, 2019
How to Make a Career in Finance or Stock Market?

We all have thought of making money by trading in the stock market. However, it isn’t easy as it seems. It is said that 95% of retail traders end up losing money when they venture in the stock market...

Articles > Reference & Education > Career Planning Mar 11, 2020
Six Checkpoints to Select the Best Shampoo for Your Pet

One of the important things pet owners need to keep in mind that grooming is an integral part to keep your pet healthy. When we talk about the grooming part, regular bathing of your pet dog will help...

Articles > Animals & Pets > Pet Health Feb 17, 2021
Why Stainless Steel is the Most Popular Material for Pipes, Tubes, and Fittings?

With the world around us made of plumbing system that comprises of Pipes, Tubes and Fittings, it requires the effective supply of water and the drainage system. Plumbing system are designed to cater...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Oct 31, 2019