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How to choose the best e liquid for a beginner

Author: Vickers Huang
by Vickers Huang
Posted: Aug 31, 2016
propylene glycol

First, it is the e liquid taste, which is various, but basically divided into three categories as below.

  1. simulation tobacco
  2. herbal and fruit
  3. various types of food and beverage

Among all of the flavor e liquid, the fruit e juice is the best one to get used to, especially mint. For the beginner, it is better to use the fruit e liquid first, and the beverage flavors is also a good choice. If you are the first time to mix your own e liquid, it is better to make a simple one with only one type of flavor, and volume is 10ml. In this way you could save more flavor, also save your momey, becuase for a strange flavor, it is not easy to make to meet your taste for one time

Second, it is liquid nicotine

According to the amount of nicotine liquid,one of e cigarette e liquid

dont have nicotine, the others dont have.And the nicotine could be from 0mg to 24mg or higher. Because the one without nicotine, doesnt have throat-hit, this is also suggestted to the person who dont use the real cigarette before.Regarding the one with nicotine, it is good for you to use the one less than 18mg. If you use the vape tank e cigarette, the e liquid without the nicotine is the right one for you. Please remenber one thing, dont pure nicotine to mix your e liquid, except that you are very professional at it. The good strenght for the diyer the levels below than 100mg.

Third, it is the base

The e liquid base have two general ones, it is propylene glycol(PG) or vegetable glycerin(VG). If if you find dizziness, nausea and other adverse symptoms after use the propylene glycol(PG),it is likely that you are allergic to propylene glycol(PG), so please stop it.



  1. big smoke
  2. health, less Allergies
  3. the natural sweetness
  4. throat discomfort


  1. thick smoke oil, oil is not easy guide
  2. hit throat feeling poor
  3. may be overshadowed by the sweet scent
  4. dry mouth and accumulation of phlegm



  1. easy to mix flavors
  2. a strong sense of throat hit


  1. although the FDA found safe, but any adverse reaction reports
  2. oil smoke need to add sweetener increase the sweetness

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Author: Vickers Huang
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