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Project Management Tips For Marketing Managers

Author: Anna Preston
by Anna Preston
Posted: Sep 04, 2016

Although the vast majority of marketing managers would rather spend most of their time on marketing, and a mere five to ten per cent on management, the reality is very different. Project management requires a lot of their attention, especially for huge marketing projects. Nevertheless, even small marketing projects require agility and innovation, while process automation and standardisation is a must for high volume marketing projects. This is why project management training is a must for anyone that is in charge of marketing projects. With that being said, below we reveal some top project management tips for marketing managers.

Centralise marketing relationship management – You will need to work with a vast assortment of external contributors throughout the project in question, including industry analysts, journalists, agencies, and customers. For any marketing department, these relationships are the core asset, yet, unfortunately, they tend to be poorly managed. This is why it is a good idea to ensure that you centralise marketing relationship management into a single system that is used department-wide, enabling vital marketing relationships to remain intact.

Take one of the available project management courses – If you have not been trained in project management, it is advisable to take one of the project management courses that are available. You will learn about the different techniques and strategies you can implement in order to manage your team effectively, and this is something you will be able to use both now and in the future.

For higher marketing throughput, apply agile marketing – Agile marketing can significantly reduce project delays, boost marketing output, and enable continual improvement if it is implemented correctly. For those who are unaware, this is a new form of marketing management that encourages big projects being broken up into smaller incremental optimisations that are arranged into monthly or even weekly ‘sprints’.

To monitor high volume processes, define process stages – Marketing project management turns into market process management with the higher volume of marketing projects you are in control of. As a marketing department grows, online campaign execution, media production, creative services, and content creation all scale into continual process workflows. Instead of tracking each individual task, it is advisable to define clear process stages and thus you should monitor the workflow by stage.

Keep a library of project templates that can be used again and again – Last but not least, it is a good idea to keep project templates that can be used over and over again. This is because most marketing projects, from event management to creating a print ad, are merely variations on a common theme. There is no need for you or your team to spend time reinventing the wheel. Instead of marketers focusing on repetitive managerial chores, they can focus more on marketing if you create a project template that incorporates important hand-offs, detailed task lists, and a standard schedule.

To conclude, if you follow the five tips that have been discussed in the post above, you are bound to notice improvements when managing marketing projects.

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