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Gaming Consoles versus Inexpensive Gaming PCs

Author: Budget Gaming Pc
by Budget Gaming Pc
Posted: Sep 08, 2016

There has been so much competition going on between Gaming Consoles and Gaming PCs. These devices are now common enemies in the market. It is quite apparent these days how computer geek players tend to be divided when it comes to this, especially because each has unique traits and strengths. Despite being hot in the market these days, however, we can’t overlook the fact that one of them has disadvantages that can be considered advantages to the other.

Are you a gaming console kind of a player, or a Gaming PC type? Here in this review, we discuss both of these consoles’ pros and cons and we’ll let you decide which one of them gets into your favor.

Gaming Console

The first gaming console ever to be designed was in the 1960s. Since then, a lot of video games have been invented and have appeared in various platforms—even massive computers that are connected to vector displaysPros

  • Innovative and homey. This can’t be denied in a gaming console. This device is techy in a way. It provides the user a high-end, homey digital and visual experience solely for the purpose of making a user enjoy a video game. Take for example when you are playing Super Mario.
  • Mainstream games are more saleable. In a gaming console, trendy games are much more noticed and with this, we can’t get away with the fact that those games sell better in this device. Thus, there are more than enough support game designers can get from the audience.
  • Exclusive Bonuses. Gaming consoles comes in great perks, like being able to have access over exclusive pre-order bonuses, exclusive offers, discounts, and other promos.
  • Easy to control. When you are using a gaming console as a device to play video games, it’s easier to operate its stuffs, like its controller. This, of course, gives the user a better gaming experience.
  • Easy to sell used games. When you no longer want to play a particular game, you can pass it through another user who may want to try it out and of course, make money out of it.
  • Can feed your collecting addiction. It’s always nice when you have physical collections of your favorite stuffs to showcase to your friends. In a gaming console, you get to touch your favorite games in flesh and you get rewarded with their physical presence. You can even display them and put them all in a shelf to have a marvelous look.


  • Can Be A Bit Expensive. Although there are gaming console models these days that are less expensive compared to the the usual price range, still, they are still considered a bit pricey. You basically can’t find a brand new model these days that only costs less than 400 USD. Now if you want a cheaper console, you can opt for a model that has less memory storage capacity. If you want to enjoy games that require high storage, then you are left without any other choice than to choose the pricey ones.
  • No mods and tweaks. Mods and tweaks are popular in the gaming community these days. These features help improve the graphic’s quality. These features, sad to say, are absent in a gaming console. Therefore, the visuals you seen on your screen are what you get for. You have to learn to just accept its quality.

Inexpensive Gaming PC

Gaming PCs are same with usual and traditional PCs but it is specifically added with gaming-oriented components like high-end video cards.Pros

  • Cheap Cost. There are a lot of gaming PCs these days that are already cheap. As new models evolve, previous models tend to get less and less expensive. This is an advantage if you are keen on your budget. Depending on how much you will spend for a PC, you get the quality that you want—and then some.
  • High quality graphics. As to gaming PC’s quality, it offers good graphics to user. It is because the screen on the PC is a lot clearer and much more defined. Plus, it provides stunning and user-friendly colors which makes gaming an even more inviting activity. In addition, you can also choose processing and graphics power of your choice.
  • Great performance. The performance of a gaming PC is proved to be brilliant. It is pretty fast and quick.
  • Backwards Compatibility. Gaming PCs boast this special feature which allows you to enjoy old-school and classic games. If you want to enjoy these types of games just to kill your boredom, then this features makes it all possible for you.


  • You need to get used to operating both keyboard and mouse. Using a keyboard and a mouse tends to be a bit of a chore. It takes a lot of getting used to.
  • You can’t resell your games. When you buy games online, you cannot sell, give, or gift them when you don’t want them anymore.


The bottom line is this, gaming consoles and gaming PCs are both enticing in their own ways. Level Up Your Gear also has an interesting article to check out on this topic as well. Many people opt to play games using consoles because they simply just want to enjoy the specific games that the consoles offer, never minding the graphics’ quality. On the other hand, many people also choose to invest in gaming PCs because basically, they have everything in a gaming device—good graphics quality, easily accessible games, and more importantly, cost-effectivity.

In the long run, you just have to choose the one that gives you more advantage and convenience. If you are into cheap gaming devices with enough space for your gaming needs, then PCs are the best choice. But if you want to experience mainstream games at their cost and even showcase them physically to your family and friends, then go for gaming consoles. Gaming consoles can be a bit convenient if you want to resell your games after getting tired of them. Plus, it is also user-friendly and it gives old-school gaming vibes, so there’s that. There are a lot to discover in both gaming platforms. Each of them are worth your penny and effort. Whichever device you opt, we hope you’ll end up enjoying your games and making the right choice.

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Anthony is a gaming PC, peripheral and general tech blogger at Level Up Your Gear. For more information visit: Level Up Your Gear

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