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Author: David John
by David John
Posted: Jan 26, 2017

US has Electronic System for Travel Authorization for travelers. USA ESTA Visa is connected to VWP that is visa waiver program. If you are traveling to US for a short time that is up to 90 days and you belong to a VWP country then you don’t need taking a valid visa.

Travelers from VWP countries are allowed to visit US for 90 days without taking a valid visa. But they need taking permission of the Department of Homeland Security for traveling. VWP travelers need online permission for traveling to US. They need providing their passport and other travel related details in an online form to the DHS.

Permission for travel could be asked 72 hours before travel and the permission is granted within a minute but the DHS officials have the right to deny visa, if they find anything suspicious in the application. Travelers have to submit an online application called ESTA to get permission for travel. ESTA application online form is available on government websites and also there are third-party sites that provide help in filling ESTA form at a meager service charge.

US government takes $14 with each application as a processing fee but third-party sites charge more than $14 and they are free to charge any amount for their services. Travelers are free to choose government sites or take advantage of third-party sites for filing their applications. Whether you should choose government site or take help of a third-party site depends on your need.

Official ESTA application is affordable as it takes the fee determined by the government. But third-party sites add their services charges to the government fee. If you take help of a third-party site then you will need paying more than $14 but a third-party site could provide real help. It will provide you comprehensive information needed to fill the application.

A little mistake in filling the form could become a basis for rejection of application and for this reason you need to be careful when entering your details in the application form. If you fill an official form, you will save money but you will have to take responsibility of entering correct details in the form. On the contrary, a third-party site will evaluate your application to make sure that all the details are provided and also the entries made are correct.

Each application for USA ESTA visa is scrutinized by DHS officials and permission granted within a minute. Here it is necessary to mention that the online permission isn’t visa to enter the country. The DHS officials reserve the right to deny permission to enter the US at the gateway. Also the permission is granted only for 90 days. If you want to extend your stay then you have to take a valid visa.

If you are traveling to US on ESTA permission then you should keep the above information in mind. For help, you can visit a third-party site for filling your application form. It will charge you more than $14 but you will get real help.

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