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Let Cool Pins Tell Your Story

Author: Ziggit Style
by Ziggit Style
Posted: Sep 27, 2016

If you want to greet the world in something you can wear that stands out and is totally unique, think about pin accessories. You can express yourself in a fun new way with symbol and alphabet pins.

Let Cool Pins Tell Your Story

Called a next-generation fashion statement, pin accessories are the latest trend in self-expression. Round, button-like alphabet pins can be worn any way you like, spelling out whatever message you have in mind. You can collect them piece by piece, as kits or even as a group of pins that you customize yourself by going online to type in the exact message you want.

Getting Away From the Screen

You are no doubt accustomed to expressing yourself through one or more social media outlets. After all, communication in today’s world revolves around the information that flies through cyberspace, and you are no doubt a contributor. The idea behind pin accessories, especially the alphabet pins, is to take self-expression away from the computer screen and out to the streets. After all, face-to-face encounters provide opportunities for new ways to say what’s on your mind in real time. Think of it as a more immediate, personal way of texting, no device needed.

Ways to Wear Your Pin Accessories

Once your kicky alphabet pins are in hand, you will be anxious to try them out. Remember that there are also numbers as well as symbols, such as a happy face, a diamond, a flower, a cactus, and many more that will add emphasis to your message. So when you combine the whole string of pins, think about where you could put them to make the most impact. They will definitely look great as a choker, but you could also wear them on a bra strap, a head band, belt loops or shoe laces.

Colorful and Useful

When you want to get the word out in a unique way, you will find that button-shaped alphabet pins, with number and emoticon accompaniments, will do the job in style. Let’s say you’re feeling a bit radical on Tuesday morning. Pick up your kit of RAD pins with its additional more-fun-than-scary skull pin, put them somewhere on your person and head out the door. These trendy, edgy, clip-on pins feature colorful enamel designs on a brushed black background. In fact, there are designs of all kinds to illustrate feelings of all kinds.

Your Easy-to-Wear Fashion Statement

If you are the sort of person who keeps up with the latest in wearing apparel and things to go with, then these clip on pins are definitely your kind of fashion accessories. They can be secured on bra and camisole straps as skinny as 10mm. Wear them on a rope bracelet, the sash on your new dress or the epaulets on your khaki shirt. The ideas are just as endless as your creativity. They’re easy to put on and take off and they do not damage clothing.

Changing Times

The means of communication the world was accustomed to using became antiquated with the advent of the telephone. When the computer came along, communication as we know it was changed forever. Technology is awesome, but sometimes a low-tech yet still unique way of connecting with people delivers greater, more lasting impact. With your fun, colorful pin accessories, you have built-in self-expression that suits your lifestyle and outlook.

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