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The Best web design company Bangalore

Author: Itrue Soft
by Itrue Soft
Posted: Sep 27, 2016

We have to be competitive. The business is too cutthroat to have our costs out of line. - John Caldwell (famous cartoonist). The webpage (for desktop) differs from that of mobile. As one of the best web design company Bangalore located in Bangalore, the programmers at itruesoft have devised new methods of responsive web design in a website so that it can also be used as an app. In addition, they are skilled at rectifying the old static websites and making them eligible as per the recent trend.

Although John Caldwell was referring to the competition in his field, the same applies to business and every part of our life in recent times. Technology has made life much easier and traditional methods of doing business are reducing day by day. A single android phone can be used by an individual to do various tasks without shifting his/her frame. And also, the website phenomenon has caught on with the business world since a decade. Businessmen are aware that in this era of fast pace, if they do not have a website for their business, they are missing out not only their clients but also one of the best marketing tools. In this article of best web Design Company Bangalore readers will be given information on how itruesoft have made a name for them in the competitive market of web design.

Social media have taken a chunk of the marketing strategies, unlike manual pitching from an executive that existed two decades ago. Hand held devices such as mobiles & tablets are used to research the internet for information before booking a ticket for travel or booking on a favorite cloth line website. Agreed, it is not that every one who comes to the online website will make a purchase but they will miss out on the company (in case of not having a web presence). Not having a business profile on the web can mean two factors –

  1. Your business is too small that it cannot afford a website and you do not have the required number of customers.
  2. You are not interested in your business.

Okay, you have a website. But does it mean that you have fulfilled the expectations of your clients? No. Not at this age. High profile businessmen or brands take extreme interest in their website, because it identifies with their name. Look at the website of some high profile business men and you will be surprised at how attractive the web designing is. An individual will at least spend five minutes on navigating the same and looking at the icons. In short, having a website is important, but more important is the attractiveness of the design and how it can be accessed online via a variety of devices such as the desktop, laptops, mobiles and tablets.

Let us come to the second part. You have taken interest and you have created an eye-catching website that can appeal to all readers. But, can the website look attractive on every device? Now there comes the catch. If you have a business that appeals to youngsters in the age of 18 – 25, definitely, every one of them will have a different mobile. When accessing the website, the size of the website has to get adjusted to the mobile screen. Having hands in your cheek? No worry. This is where responsive web design comes into play. This design adapts the website to change accordingly as per the size of the screen of the mobile. Any customer accessing the website need not scroll to look at the sides or spend time to fit the layout as per the screen. In fact, the layout will give the same picture as they will appear in desktop or mobile.

Responsive web design changes the layout of any website according to the device. Depending upon the screen size, it fits into the screen. One does not need to scroll on sides and the layout of the website changes as they would appear in mobile or desktop. The breakpoints are usually based on the width of the browser.

Itruesoft stands tall in case of responsive web design as an analytic survey has pointed out that our clients have had their conversion rate increased by quarter percent when compared to a hundred. Having two branches, the first one - web development company USA and the other catering to customers as a web development company Bangalore, the team members display professionalism in designing of the website along with web solutions as per the requirements of the client, make available maintenance services after the website launch. They also provide other forms of web development such as twitter bootstrap services to clients.

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