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Tips for Looking For a Eaton UPS or Eaton Powerware Uninterruptible Power Supply System that every F

Author: Robert Markham
by Robert Markham
Posted: Oct 04, 2016

Quality considerations are key when you are looking for the best quality UPS System (Uninterruptible Power Supply) in the industry. Do you realize the importance of data that is stored for your facility and IT applications? If yes, then you must have a quality UPS for your IT or data center systems to prevent any abrupt shutdown caused by brownouts, stay transients, harmonics and power spikes. The UPS is considered as a device which comes with the in-built power protection and voltage regulation needed to prevent damage due to these common power issues. Most people believe the UPS System or Uninterruptible Power Supply is only needed in the event of a complete power outage so they are able to keep power to their most critical applications or equipment. Several manufacturers in the market claim to provide the best UPS System available. However, one of the most renowned names amongst all of them is Eaton! Eaton purchased Powerware and continues to produce and build the most efficient, quality and smallest foot print UPS systems on the market. The Eaton (Powerware) UPS Systems are known for their high-quality and high-performance UPS Systems. Here are few tips to assist you in getting the most quality Eaton 9PX, 9155, 9170, Ferrups, Bladeups, UL924 Lighting, 9355, 93E, 93PM, 9395 UPS.

Eaton UPS System Voltages (Single Phase UPS vs 3 Phase UPS)While choosing your Eaton UPS the very first thing to take into consideration in the voltage available at your facility. Most Eaton UPS Systems will be 120V, 208V, 220V, 230V or 240V single phase UPS Systems. These are smaller UPS Systems like our Eaton 9PX, Eaton 9155 and Eaton 9170. The others would be our 208V or 480V 3 Phase UPS Systems like or Eaton 9355, Eaton 93E and Eaton 93PM. So make sure before purchasing that you have the correct input and output voltage required for your application and facility.

Eaton UPS System KVA or KW Rating Now that we know the correct UPS System voltage we now need to determine the correct size of the UPS. This is done by either adding up the complete amperage draw of all equipment or verifying name plate rating on all equipment. Our Eaton 9355 and 93E are three phase 208V systems avaiable from 10KVA to 60KVA. Most of our Eaton UPS systems are modular meaning you can start small now then increase/pay for more capacity as you need it. This allows for a smaller capital investment and lets you pay for power as you need it. Our Eaton 93PM is our 480V system that is scalable from 20KW up to 200KW. This unit is perfect if you have a small budget now but expect to grow in the near future. You can start with a 20KW Eaton UPS and upgrade the UPS as you need more capacity. The 93PM is available from 20KW, 30KW, 40KW and 50KW with internal batteries. The 50KW, 60KW, 80KW, 100KW, 120KW, 130KW, 140KW, 150KW, 160KW, 180KW and 200KW are available with many battery options from minimum 3-4 minutes up to 30-45 min’s

Eaton UPS Batteries (Backup Runtime)The biggest misconception is battery runtime in excess of 60 min. While many smaller UPS Systems can achieve 2-4 hours, larger systems are not capable of this. General rule of thumb for our Eaton UPS Systems is the smaller single-phase UPS systems like the Eaton 9130, 9PX, 9155 and 9170 can allow longer runtimes in excess of 60 min. Our larger Eaton 9355, Bladeups, 93E, 93PM and 9395 usually have runtimes from a minimum 3-4 minutes up to 60 minutes. Its rare cases we can provide longer runtime. However, our sales engineers can provide the pro’s and con’s for the certain runtime options above 45-60 min.

Other FeaturesCall us today to find out about extra or additional features of our Eaton UPS Systems. (855)-665-3829 or (608) 219-6616One of the best feature is our Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR).

Others Included Automatic IT Shutdown Agents.Most of our Eaton UPS systems will starts shutting down your IT equipment automatically after saving your files to prevent fatal damage. This allows you to come into a power outage without messing around with a jumbled mess of servers. Warranty and Maintenance ServiceAll our factory new Eaton UPS Systems come with a full warranty. When looking for Eaton Ups Service. After the warranty end users will look for a service agreement that will cover their Eaton UPS equipment 100% parts, labor, travel and a guaranteed response time in the event of an emergency. These UPS maintenance plans also include preventive Maintenance Visits or PM’s to verify the UPS and all components are operating like they should be operation. Interestingly, now we are also offering UPS services at reasonable prices. If the Eaton UPS equipment is purchased direct from us we offer a 30% parts discount or on site parts stocking free of charge. We also offer numerous other services that include battery testing and disposal, emergency PM visits, UPS Load Bank and Thermal Imaging UPS health checks. We have a team of expert engineers who make every effort to provide you a complete and efficient UPS system service program. It doesn't matter, if your requirement is for a 800 VA Eaton 9130 UPS power supply for servers in a data center or on a computer. We also can assist with the 500KVA, 750KVA, 800KVA, 850KVA or 100KVA Eaton UPS Systems for data center or large industrial facilities. Visit today to find out more.

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If you are seeking Eaton Ups Service, the author of this article recommends N1 Critical Technologies.

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