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Dos and Donts Web Designing Companies Need to Follow

Author: Carlsen Baker
by Carlsen Baker
Posted: Oct 04, 2016
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Website design plays an important role in ensuring that visitors stay on the site to either make a purchase or find information. Since the focus on user interaction has never been higher, it has become necessary to strike a balance between usability, aesthetics and utility.

In this article, some of the design dos and don’ts have been mentioned that web designing companies need to follow:


It is necessary for companies to know the target audience of their clients so that it becomes easy to design according to their experience. A site needs to be developed with the users in mind. Since a user’s perspective may be different from the perspective of the designer, it is important to first understand who the target audiences are and what are they looking for.

It is important for designers to optimize the website for search engine optimization. For most brands, SEO is like a tool for long term survival. This tool helps in generating quality traffic to the site through the natural listings in search engines. It is important to use the right keywords in header tags, titles and images and to present content that is relevant to the users.

Designers need to keep the web pages structured because following the right structure and balance of pages are vital for the website to become attractive. They need to find the right way to lay out information on the page so that the visitors keep coming back for more.

They need to focus on the important elements on the site rather than mixing everything. For instance, if a site is being made to sell one specific product, it needs to be made the focus of the home page. Call-to-action should be placed on the inner pages for that specific product.


Web design companies shouldn’t violate the SEO guidelines. If they use a poor-form technique for search engine optimization, the site will receive a ranking penalty or it might also get removed from the search results.

It is not recommended to place boxes everywhere on the website because it will not attract the attention of visitors. Instead, it will make them confused. Therefore, structured environment is a must. They should try and avoid using 20+ boxes on the site with images or content and that too in different sizes.

Irrelevant ads shouldn’t be placed across the page. Laying off excessive advertising is important if the website needs to make money. If the page has loaded and visitors get to see 30% content and 70% ads, then they will never want to come back.

Be it a web design company or one of the mobile app development companies in Mumbai, it is very important to do some research and find a reliable team. Only when experienced people are working on a project, the end result will be good. For instance, if you hire experienced designers, they will know how to create a balance of elements for right effects.

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Author: Carlsen Baker

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