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What is the Importance of Continuous Integration for the Database?

Author: Armaan Malik
by Armaan Malik
Posted: Oct 06, 2016

Data handling is one of the most complicated and key functionality in association with an application. However, the format of the data is one of the key challenges faced in today’s world. There exist legacy data, i.e., data available from various data providers. Extract, transform and load promise to resolve the format of heterogeneous data.

Fundamental Shift to Whole Development Pattern

One of the hardest things to express about continuous integration consulting services is that it makes a fundamental shift in the whole development pattern. It is not at all, too easy to visualize if you have never worked in an environment that practices the same. In fact, most of the people see this type of atmosphere in case they are working singly as they can only integrate with them.

There are some people for whom team development comes along with certain problems that are part of the territory. In such cases continuous integration setup helps in reducing the problem in exchange for a certain amount of discipline. The fundamental benefit in association with continuous integration is that it helps in removing sessions where people use to spend their valuable time in hunting bugs.

What is the Root Cause of Problem?

It happens only when the task of one person has stepped up on the work of another person without letting him make realize the same. These bugs are hard to find as the problem is not in the area of a single person, which exacerbated by the passage of time. Often integration bugs can be inserted weeks and months before manifesting.

As a result, it gives turn towards a lot of finding. With the help of continuous integration consulting services the vast majority of such bugs manifest themselves on the same day of introducing. Furthermore, it is immediately obvious where half of the interaction lies. It further leads towards increased productivity by reducing the time spent in chasing down integration bugs.

Availability of Information and Services

The information and services that have been made available to extend applications beyond the classical database and file system methods. In order to facilitate the process of easy availing of data, a framework solution is provided for enabling applications to consume data in various formats thus making it homogeneous.

Data Properties

A high volume of data is gathered by various applications from various industries at a very high rate. The collection of data from various sources is a complex task. As the data is not always available from the standard database system, people take into usage of file system, the database, feeds, interaction with legacy systems and continuous integration consulting services.

Data loading is another key factor. It holds the ability to load data from various sources. Data must be handled with care.

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