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How Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Is Changing The Current Technology Effectively?

Author: Aamreen Khan
by Aamreen Khan
Posted: Oct 07, 2016

Carbon nanotubes are nothing but the cylindrical layers of graphene. The walls of carbon nanotubes are made up of either semi-conducting or metallic based on the orientation of the lattice. There are many applications of carbon nanotubes.

Iron is available in bulk form in our day-to-day lives. This element can be seen in stair railings as well as structural beams in buildings and in vehicles. Iron content is present in water as well as in our blood stream. It helps in transportation of oxygen. Iron can be used to prepare magnets because of the way in which electrons are present and how they orbit around each item. When you blend iron and oxygen that is how iron oxide is formed. From studies and research, it has been found out that both iron oxide as well as iron, both are useful.

When iron is exposed to rain, it will rust. The rust is contains iron-oxide (contains 3 atoms of iron and 4 atoms of oxygen). The properties of iron oxide nanoparticles have just changed in the size of the particles and not in its features.

Bio-medical applications- The iron-oxide nanoparticles are widely preferred in biomedicine industry as they are non-toxic to human beings and are biocompatible. Since iron-oxide is easily degradable, they are useful in vivo applications. These nanoparticles are used for treating cancer. In this technique, ferrofluid comprises of iron oxide is directly injected to the tumor cells, and then it is heated up by altering the frequency of the magnetic field.

Key applications of iron oxide nanoparticles

Below listed are some of the vital benefits of iron oxide nanoparticles –

It is widely used for magnetic storage

It is considered as a targeted delivery vehicle and also as drug delivery agent for anti-cancer drugs.

It is used for studying tumors.

On the other side, it is widely used in nano-fibers, textiles, plastics, specific catalyst applications and in coatings as well.

How to buy iron oxide nanoparticles online?

In the current era, online serves as the best medium to fetch resources about the product based on their requirements. If you are planning to purchase iron oxide based nano particles online, then it is better suggested to take glance through almost all the websites selling iron oxide particles. By doing so, you will get much better opportunities to search for appropriate sellers for your need.

Additionally, prior to buying online make it a point to compare the cost with more than one supplier’s website so as to buy iron oxide nanoparticles at affordable rate. Another vital aspect is, you will have to be pretty much careful about the quality of the products being offered and should know about the material usage.

About the Author

I like experimenting with iron oxide nanoparticles which is a wonder in the current era. So, I purchased it online.

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