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How to grow links organically and build your SEO link base

Author: T. K.
by T. K.
Posted: Oct 12, 2016
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How to grow links organically and build your SEO link base

There are many ways to go about getting links for your website. The old methods include contacting your friends and getting them to link to you from their blogs. You could link from your own set of resources and old blogs. But there are definitely better ways that you could do this and do not go against the rules of buying links from people you may or may not know and also trying to get into trouble because they do sell links as well.

Firstly, you could do guest blogging for other people. Guest blogging is when you get in touch with another person who owns a blog that might be related to your content. You could request if you can write for the person’s blog for free and see if he or she is willing to let you tag along with a link or two in the article or the information section of the writer. This way you get it in a legit and great way and you get great value because he or she most probably will only release such real estate to people who are deserving of being posted on their blogs.

Secondly, be someone that people want to feature. Easier said than done but if people do talk about you and feature you on their blogs, you could work to find out that you gain a good boost. Give a free talk to people. Go for their openings. Invite them to your openings and parties. Bloggers get a lot of eyeballs and links into their blogs and most of them do not even know what they can do with it and how to deal with this link flow that is coming into their website. This is great value for you because by building a close friendship with them, you build this links that can last for a long time and also gets you eye balls from their readers and this is great organically not just links but also as a business that is concerned about your own brand.

Thirdly, be a great resource. When people reference your work in their articles or on their website, you could become a great resource and authority that other people want to introduce their readers to.

You can be the guru of SEO or the guru in cake baking and this is great, people link great things and great things spread around the internet like wild fire. When you learn how to build good content with great pictures and videos you can continuously add on and grow and your readers will only grow in numbers because you are the point where they can return for more tips. Free is always good and with free things comes good links and great sales going forward.

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