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How To Choose The Right Martial Arts School

Author: Umaa Hallam
by Umaa Hallam
Posted: Oct 12, 2016

So you’ve taken the decision to enrol for martial arts. Congratulations! No matter what type of martial arts you ultimately choose to practice, you can rest assured that you will be transformed from the inside out and your life will never be the same again (in a positive way, of course!).

Why learn martial arts

The benefits of martial arts are too numerous to enumerate here, but one can safely say that it has a positive impact on all aspects of the human existence-physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social. From time immemorial, people have dedicated themselves to the discipline of martial arts and seen their lives and themselves transformed before their very eyes! Here are just a few benefits to keep you motivated to actually turn up to your class day after day, even when you sometimes just feel like skipping classes!

  • The first and most obvious benefit is that of self defence, of course. You will learn not only to protect yourself from danger but also protect your loved ones as well.

  • It helps you keep fit and stay strong, which in turn helps you live healthier for longer.

  • It improves the body’s physiological health, from enhancing heart health to lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure and regulating insulin, you get a whole host of benefits from martial arts training.

  • Martial art training also helps to improve one’s flexibility, agility, endurance, strength, balance and coordination.

  • Training in martial arts also helps to reduce body fat and flabbiness, increases muscle tone, and promotes weight loss through the burning of calories and fat in unwanted places. It does this also by speeding up your metabolism.

  • Mentally, martial art training increases one’s discipline, willpower, concentration and focus, which in turn increases self confidence.

  • Socially, martial art training increases connections with like-minded people by giving you a community of kindred spirits where you will be guided and befriended for life.

All these benefits of martial art are rendered possible only if you choose the right martial arts school. The more time you spend to deliberately research and consciously choose your martial arts school, the better your results will be. But with so many schools in Australia, especially in the Narre Warren and Berwick areas, it can become confusing to choose the right school. So here are a few pointers to keep in mind which will help you make the right choice.

Factors to look out for when choosing a martial arts school

  • Try to find schools that are close to your place of residence or place of work/study, such as in Narre Warren or Berwick, if you stay in these towns or in the surrounding areas. That way, you will be more motivated to attend classes and not make excuses out of laziness.

  • Ask if you can take part in an introductory class or observe a class in progress. Take in account the attitude of the teacher and students. Observe how dedicated and disciplined they are. There should be a fine balance between seriousness and light heartedness as too much of each or too little of each is not good either!

  • Check out the number of students in each class to ensure that you will receive a good quality of attention without becoming just another number.

  • Check out the credentials and experience of the teachers.

  • Make sure their facilities are clean and hygienic and they have a fully equipped first aid kit on premises.

  • Talk to the teacher you may be assigned to for your class and style of martial arts and see if you feel you are a good fit, if you have good vibes, and he/she is respectful and knowledgeable.

Choosing the right martial arts school is the first step towards a fulfilling study in martial arts, so choose wisely and choose well and you will not be disappointed!

About the Author

SiFu Henry Araneda is a founder of a href=””Ultimate Martial Arts Academy located in Hallam, Australia. He is a certified instructor under The International Martial Arts Alliance from last 12 years.

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