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All you need to know about carpet cleaning methods

Author: Stephanie Garvin
by Stephanie Garvin
Posted: Oct 14, 2016
carpet cleaning

Carpets today are considered to be the most expensive items when you do up interiors for your home, business or office. Since it is expensive, we have to maintain the quality of the carpet only to increase its life expectancy. Carpets are termed as a life saver from dust and dirt, while vacuuming the carpet regularly can avoid some of these issues. By having the carpets cleaned regularly, you will be able to increase its life expectancy and maintain the freshness too. Carpets have a tendency to soak up dust allergies that settle among deeply in the fibers of the carpet but these can be prevented too. If you do not clean properly then you might reduce the life expectancy and will have to replace them soon. In case you find it difficult to manage it alone then hire a professional to do up the carpet cleaning at Adelaide.

Effective carpet cleaning methods

When you visit different houses, you will get to see that different colors and designs that are being used. It is obvious that these carpets get dirty due to dust or any other type of garbage. Some stains ware off easily while some are too stubborn to go. In today’s era, we have different techniques of cleaning these carpets using special detergents and other cleaning materials. If you are having issues with removing stubborn carpet stains then you should try any one of the below methods of carpet cleaning available in the market:

  • Cleaning using hot water - Also known as steam carpet cleaning, in this method hot water is extracted and is pressured on a high level just to agitate the carpet fiber and try to dissolve the dirt in the carpet. This type of cleaning uses application of cleaning materials on the soiled surface and then brushing it. Once this process of cleaning is completed, the carpet is then rinsed. Once you find that the cleaning agent has settled in the carpet, you can then wash and clean it thoroughly the second time. You can then relax after drying it in the room. A carpet of an average size of 3000 meters would require 2 hours to clean and at least 5 hours to dry. Hence, most of the people or companies clean the carpets during afternoons and then drying them over night so that you can then resume your next day’s work with a cleaned carpet.
  • Shampooing the carpet - This type of carpet cleaning was popular during the 1960’s till the method of encapsulation came into existence. This method was basically used to clean heavily soiled carpet. The only disadvantage of using this method is that a high amount of water foam remains in the carpet due to which it takes a long time to dry and sometimes becomes sticky after rinsing has been done. This reason has made it less popular than the others. But still some of them use it since it has now come up with new shampooing solutions used to clean the carpets. The carpet material is soaked into these solutions and then vacuumed properly to remove these dirt materials. Another type of solution is used which is aerosol foam shampoo. This solution is sprayed on the dirty carpet and left to dry. It is then vacuumed properly to remove the dirt like the others. The only problem it has is the foul smell that it leaves.
  • Encapsulation - This method uses synthetic detergents as a base and then converts itself into powder form once it dries. Loosened dirt is then encapsulated into powder when the foam dries and finally like other methods it is vacuumed or brushed after cleaning is completed. This encapsulation technique has replaced the shampooing technology since it uses less water and dries faster than the previous ones. It has also received a good response from the people because it uses environmental friendly products with less chemical residue left behind after the cleaning has been done. This technique has proved to be the best and has showed best cleaning results. The only issue with this is that it does not thoroughly clean the heavy soiling carpet because of certain limitations.

Thus it is very important for you to understand the different types of carpet cleaning methods that are available in the market since not all methods might work for cleaning your carpet.

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